The rationality of jihadi management

The rationality of jihadi management
Rationality, as the foundation of any school of management, can make many distinctions between that school and other schools. At present, despite the focus on religious rationality in existing research, the rationality of jihadi management has not been specifically considered.
The purpose of the present study is to understand the rationality of jihadi management by studying the following verses of jihad in four interpretations of Al-Mizan, Sample, Majma ‘al-Bayan and Tasnim, as well as the statements of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution about jihadi management and experts’ opinions. The method of this research is deductive qualitative content analysis. According to this method, in this research, first by referring to the literature of rationality, three theoretical, practical and practical intellects were formed as comprehensive categories and then by analyzing numerous documents and interviews, the following categories of these three comprehensive categories were obtained.
The result of the research was 197 codes, which were classified by 17 sub-themes into 71 main themes and three types of reason, and formed the final model of the research. According to the results of the research, theoretical reason includes the components of belief in the war of truth and falsehood and special divine mercy; Practical intellect includes the components of religion, attention to supernatural factors and fighting the enemy; Finally, action intellect includes the components of wisdom, self-sacrifice, the constructive relationship of the follower leader, the central issue, systematization, correct treatment of the enemy and effort.
Jihadi management as an indigenous style of management, rooted in religious principles, in the face of problems and solving them has acted in jihadist ways, and this has led to its success in various fields. Since every individual and social action is based on rationality, which determines the principles, methods and ends of that action, jihadi management is no exception to this rule and follows its own rationality in the field of thought and action.
Although many researches have been done in the field of religious rationality, but especially religious rationality underlying jihadi management has not been explored so far and this research can explain more aspects of the phenomenon of jihadi management by addressing this issue.
Indeed, it should be said that modeling the performance of jihadi management and determining its coordinates requires a precise understanding of its philosophical and rational foundations, and the present study seeks to provide a solid basis for a more accurate understanding by exploring the verses of the Holy Qur’an and related interpretations. Create this management style.

Author: Mohammad Ali Hassani Nik, Majid Mokhtarianpour

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