Remarks Of The Leader Of The Revolution About The 22nd Of Bahman

Remarks Of The Leader Of The Revolution About The 22nd Of Bahman

We have the Bahman 22 march ahead of us; You will see that the dear nation will enter the arena of world views like in previous years and more passionately than before.
22 Bahman is the celebration of the victory of an oppressed nation, which tastes the sweet taste of liberation from the yoke of tyranny and colonialism, after a century of struggle and sacrifice of pure blood in January 1314, July 1331, June 1342 and during the 15 years thereafter until February 1357 tasted.
February 13 is the day of reaping the fruits of the Islamic movement led by Imam Khomeini – who, according to the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, is not known anywhere in the world without his name.
Bahman 22 is the day when the word Tawhid was found in the unity of the word, and as a result of the strike, the 2,500-year-old Taghut collapsed and the people, following the Karbala movement in which blood won over the sword, disarmed the machine gun with Allah Akbar. کردن.
Celebrating the 22nd of Bahman, that is, the remembrance of the self-sacrifice, courage and martyrdom of a nation that, following the dynasty of Hussein (AS), fundamentally changed many equations of the modern world.
Every year, the 22nd of Bahman is an exceptional opportunity to renew the covenant of a nation with the ideals of its revolution and to show the public determination to protect these ideals.
Every year, the 22nd of Bahman is the promised day for the honorable people and the Mujahideen to sign a new agreement on standing up for the lofty goals of the Islamic Revolution.
Every year, the 22nd of Bahman is a day of honoring national honor and dignity and a day of embodying and consolidating the wills of three generations on the way to achieving great goals.
On the anniversary of this historic day and the beginning of the 36th spring of freedom, we read a part of the speech of Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, about the greatness and necessity of protecting the 22nd of Bahman.
۲۲ بهمن; The day of the dawn and emergence of the greatest revolution of our post-Islamic history
“The 22nd of Bahman is the day of the salvation of the Iranian nation and the day of the flourishing and victory of the greatest revolution of our history from the beginning of Islam to the present day. The period of our history is after Islam, and also in the sense that it is a day of flourishing the talents of our nation and taking advantage of the hardships and sufferings that this nation has endured during its great revolution and during the years of struggle and movement. We, the people of Iran, consider this revolution as our great Eid. Before this revolution, we were societies far from human will, far from Islam, under the domination of foreigners, under the domination of the arrogant, the material condition of our nation and the spiritual condition of this nation are both bad. “Our revolution began in the name of God and with the help and assistance of God for the victory of Islam and the elimination of oppression, and was achieved by enduring hardships for fifteen years and more.”
۲۲ بهمن; The beginning is not the end
“From the first day of the victory of this revolution, we all said and all the nations believed that the work will not end with the victory of the American people in our country, the work will not end on February 13, but the work will start on this great and happy day. On the 22nd of Bahman, we set foot on the paths that the end of this path is an Islamic and human society that is comfortable, full of blessings, full of blessings, and equal to the command of God and the divine laws; “We will gradually get closer to it.”
۲۲ بهمن; Eid ul Fitr, Ghorban and Ghadir of the Muslim nation of Iran

“Bahman 22 is a real holiday for our nation. 22 Bahman is for our nation as the Eid al-Fitr in which the nation came out of a difficult period of fasting A time when they had imposed deprivation of spiritual and material nourishment on our nation. 22 Bahman is the ruling of Eid-ul-Adha; Because it was on that day and on that occasion that our nation sacrificed its own Ishmaelites. 22 Bahman is the ruling of Eid Ghadir; “Because it was on that day that the blessings of the province, the completion of the blessings and the completion of the divine blessings, became practical for the Iranian nation and a foreign realization.”

“The march on the 22nd of Bahman must be done with greatness. Be careful not to hold a march or rally, however small, before the 22nd of Bahman. Keep in mind to ban such marches. If a certain group wants to march in a certain place, it should be after the 22nd of Bahman. “On the 22nd of Bahman, the whole country should suddenly explode and people should take to the streets.”

February 13th, more than the anniversary of his death, brings to life the memory of Imam (ra).

“After the death of the Imam and after his anniversary, this decade of Fajr must show that for the people, the memory of the Imam is as precious as the person of the Imam; Well, if it is decided that the memory of the Imam (ra), like all ordinary memories, will gradually weaken, one day it will disappear and then it will disappear. Know this, the day when we in this country do not have the memory of Imam (ra), the country will suffer a great loss. You should not let this happen … The memory of Imam (ra), more than ever, is in the decade of Fajr and 22 Bahman. Even more than the anniversary of the death of Imam Khomeini (as), this commemoration shows its noble personality. This is, in fact, the birth of the Imamate in this country; In the same sense that the Imam and Islam themselves have drawn for us. Before that, Imam (ra) was the leader of the struggle and movement; But from the day he entered the country and formed the Islamic state, he became the Imam of the Islamic Ummah. “This is more important than the memory of death.”

“Try to make the march as grand as possible. Talk to the radio; They are also obliged to cooperate. This is inevitable. “Make the best plans for it.”

March 10; The rain of mercy, the manifestation of greatness and hope of friends and the frustration of enemies

“The marches of our dear people on different occasions of the revolution, and most importantly on the 22nd of Bahman, are like a rain of mercy that acquaints eyes and hearts with the brilliant truth of the revolution, manifests the greatness of the revolution and the great Imam, and brings hope and happiness to friends and despair.” “And it brings frustration to the enemies, and I thank God Almighty for this great success and grace, thankful, and the people of Iran for this effort, determination and loyalty.”

۲۲ بهمن; An anniversary that is not a dry, formal ceremony

“Compare the anniversaries of the revolutions, the anniversaries of the national days in the countries with this great movement of the people in our dear country. The anniversary of our revolution is not a dry and formal ceremony; It is a 100% popular ceremony. People take part in the severe cold, in the scorching heat, in all circumstances, where they need to be on the scene, and on the 22nd of Bahman, every year, the people of this field are honored and enter the field and show their presence to all enemies and opponents. They kill. This can be seen in the world. They may interpret differently in languages, in tones; Introduce the population as small; Say millions of people, for example, in the form of several thousand in advertisements; This is done in advertising; But those who need to understand what the Iranian nation is like, understand; They see the facts; “They feel the presence of the people, the will of the people, the attachment of the people to the revolution, the dependence of the people on the great content of the revolution.”

“Bahman 22 and the Bahman 22 march are a manifestation of national authority; It is a manifestation of the authority of the Iranian nation; It is a manifestation of the presence of the people and the national will and determination of the Iranian nation that men, women, old and young, take to the streets in all circumstances and present themselves in front of the eyes of the spectators throughout the country; “This is very great.”

March on February 13; That is, the opposition is on the side of the people.

“Thirty years have passed since our revolution. Every year, those who embodied, highlighted, celebrated the anniversary of the revolution were the people. Millions of people take to the streets across the country every year on the 22nd of Bahman; They declare Eid al-Adha, the anniversary of the revolution, the memorial of the revolution. What does this mean? This means that the revolution is based on the beliefs of the people; “Opponents of the revolution, opponents of the system that emerged from the revolution, face the people, stand with the people.”

۲۲ بهمن; Great wealth and great national reserves

“The 22nd of Bahman belongs to the people of Iran, it belongs to the great Imam, it belongs to the martyrs, it belongs to the true spirit and meaning of the Islamic Revolution, it belongs to the nation; “The enemy wants to undermine and weaken this great wealth and the great national reserve.”

۲۲ بهمن; Demonstrating the power of the creator of the universe in the determination, faith and insight of the nation

“Thanks to the depths of the heart and soul, the creator of the universe who showed his hand of power in your determination, faith and insight, and on the thirtieth anniversary of the birth of the Islamic Republic, the strength and vitality of this system that relies on the faith and confidence of the ancient nation “It has struck, it has exposed the enemies more than ever.”

February 13 is enough to bring to mind those who hypocritically blow their breath away from the people.

“Is not the presence of tens of millions of insightful and motivated people in the celebration of the civil anniversary of the revolution enough to bring the internal opponents and deceived people who sometimes hypocritically blow their breath away from the people and the way and desire of the people, which is the straight path of pure Muhammadan Islam?” Is it against the family and the way of the great Imam, to show them?

۲۲ بهمن; A blessing for which one should be thankful for the rest of one’s life

“The presence of all classes, young and old, men and women, on the scene [February 13], in the circumstances that 34 years have passed since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, is the greatest divine blessing for which we must be thankful all our lives.”

“The great and prominent art is that in Iran, the people are the owners of the revolution and the country, and the task of holding the celebration of the revolution is on their shoulders, and for this reason, the people support this great wealth that is the source of their dignity and independence. “If necessary, they show their presence.”

۲۲ بهمن; Arena to defeat the enemy at the right moment

“At the very moment when the enemies of the independence and dignity of the Iranian nation expected that the people would not respond to the call of the revolution and the call of the Islamic Republic, the people defeated and disappointed the enemy with their presence [on February 13].”

“Enemies in propaganda try to downplay these huge popular scenes; “Of course, they see and understand the realities of the scene and analyze it and come to the conclusion that this nation cannot be confronted.”

“The system of the Islamic Republic is based on the beliefs of the people, it is based on the loves of the people, it is based on the will of the people. Which revolution do you know of that after decades, with the presence of the people in the streets and with the strong slogans of the people, the anniversary of the revolution is celebrated? Now, God willing, on the 22nd of Bahman, you will see that the Iranian nation will come again in all cities with strength and will shout their strength and will show their national authority. It is important for the Iranian nation to know that the secret of its success is perseverance; And the people of Iran, thank God, know this; It is important to know that the way to his security is to show national authority; Demonstrate national authority. National authority has manifestations that people show this authority in large gatherings, in tendencies, in the same demonstrations of the 22nd of Bahman, in various elections, they show this presence; Show in scientific advances; And [in] their association with the system of the Islamic Republic; it is important. What preserves the security of the country is the demonstration of national authority; When the people show their national authority to the enemy, the enemy can no longer do anything.

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