Production of 8 Iranian corona vaccines

Production of 8 Iranian corona vaccines

According to Ministry of Health officials, 12 teams are working on producing the corona vaccine. Imam Khomeini Command Executive Headquarters and Barakat Institute, Pasteur Institute of Iran, Razi Vaccine and Serum Institute, a number of medical universities, Ministry of Defense, companies and knowledge-based institutions are some of the implementers of this project in our country. But currently 8 projects are working more actively and progressively.

The situation of Iranian corona vaccine production projects is different. Some submitted their clinical phase information to the Food and Drug Administration for authorization, while others are in the animal phase status. Six vaccine production projects are being carried out with the support of the Vice President for Science and Technology and under the supervision of the Vice President for Biotechnology Development Headquarters, including vaccines that are close to obtaining a license.

Dr. Mostafa Ghanei, the head of the Scientific Committee against Corona, told Mehr about the projects under the support and supervision of the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology: “Three companies will complete the animal phase by the end of January and we hope to get human licenses.” Of the three companies entering the clinical phase, one knowledge-based company to develop mRNA-based vaccines has made significant progress and will begin the first phase of the clinical phase sooner than the rest. The company has adopted the “Pfizer” vaccine model and will receive the human phase license by the end of this month.

In response to Mehr reporter’s question about vaccine projects at Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences, he said: “This project has also made good progress and he hopes to receive permission to start the clinical phase by the end of the month.” According to him, these were supported by the practical deputy, and since they are doing well, they have also reached agreements with the industry regarding vaccines. Ghani said four other vaccine research groups will likely receive a clinical trial permit from the Food and Drug Administration in February and March.

The Executive Headquarters of Imam Khomeini (RA) and the Barakat Knowledge-Based Institute are among the departments that started the production of vaccines in earnest. The human testing of one of the vaccine production projects of this headquarters began on January 29th.

The platform for the production of this vaccine, which is in the human testing phase, is based on “killed virus” and 56 volunteers have been considered for the injection of this vaccine. The first group of this test consisted of 3 people who returned home after a week of quarantine in a hotel in Tehran and are still under medical supervision and care.

Complete the human test within two months

Dr. Hamed Hosseini, Director of the Clinical Trial Center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, told Mehr about the injection of Iranian corona vaccine at the human test site: On January 11, the injection results will be extracted from 4 other volunteers and the third injection for the third group will begin. will be.

The head of the monitoring team for the human trials of the Corona vaccine, the Executive Headquarters of Imam Khomeini (as), stated that this process is proceeding in the same upward manner: In total, the human trials of the Corona vaccine are injected into 56 people in two months. The further we go, the more confidence we have and the more vaccines we will have in the clinical phase.

In this regard, Dr. Hassan Jalili, a member of the board of directors of Danesh Bonyan Barakat Company, told Mehr about vaccine production platforms by this institute: Barakat Institute in the field of producing corona vaccines based on “Inactivated”, “DNA”, “Subunit”, “Recombinant” platforms “MRNA”, “stem cell” is active.

“Only one of these platforms, which has been killed by the virus, has reached the first human phase,” he said, adding that the “Recombinant” corona vaccine will enter the human phase in the next few months.

The Pasteur-Cuba joint vaccine enters clinical phase 3

Dr. Alireza Bigleri, the head of the Pasteur Institute of Iran, has also said about the corona vaccine that is being followed in this institute: “In the corona vaccine, co-produced with Cuba, the animal phase has passed. Phase one of the clinical trial was conducted under the supervision of the Pasteur Institute of Iran in that country; Phase 2 is also underway, and after analyzing the results of Phase Two, Phase 3, which is the safest phase, will be performed on about 50,000 people in February and March.

“We hope to start mass production after phase 3,” Bigleri said.

A common Pasteur vaccine based on recombinant protein is being developed.

Razi Vaccine Focuses on Making Corona Vaccines Based on ‘Recombinant Protein’

The Minister of Health, Saeed Namaki, recently said about the corona vaccine being produced by the Razi Vaccine Institute: “The platform of this vaccine is based on” recombinant protein “and its animal tests have been performed.” The Razi Institute will soon receive a human testing license for the vaccine.

The Iranian mRNA corona vaccine will be available next year

An Iranian knowledge-based company that specializes in corona vaccines also plans to mass-produce mRNA-based vaccines.

Vahid Khodami, the director of this knowledge-based company, said that mRNA vaccines have a high flexibility in responding to genetic changes in viruses, so that a vaccine can be produced quickly for mutant types of the virus. We hope to enter the clinical trial phase in the very near future with the support of the Vice Chancellor.

“Next year, the mRNA-based vaccine will be produced and marketed with a team of Iranian elites,” he said. “In any case, this process must be supported by the government and the government.”

Entry of a knowledge-based company to produce vaccine based b

“Killed virus”

Ruhollah Dorostkar, CEO of a knowledge-based company, told Mehr about the latest status of the vaccine production project in this company: “We are now at the end of the animal phase and the project is going well.”

“We expect to get results before the end of the year,” he said, adding that the vaccine had been killed by the virus.

Details of an inactivated virus-based vaccine

Dr. Ahmad Karimi, chairman of a board of directors of a drug manufacturing company and a representative of the Ministry of Defense for the production of corona vaccine, also said: “The platform we started in this company to produce corona vaccine is based on inactive virus.”

He said that all pre-clinical phases have been completed after the animal phase of the project, adding that the case is being reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration for permits.

Adenovirus-based vaccine is a non-replicating viral vector

Dr. Keyvan Azadmanesh, director of a knowledge-based company producing the Corona vaccine, told Mehr: “With the support of the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, we are working on the production of a vaccine based on” non-replicating adenovirus vector “, which is currently in the animal phase.

Regarding the external similarity of this vaccine, he said: the vaccine based on adenovirus is a non-replicating virus carrier in terms of the type of virus, more similar to the products of China Cansino and the Gamalia Institute of Russia (one of the two components of the Sputnik vaccine); But in terms of vaccine production technology, in addition to Chinese and Russian vaccines, it is similar to Astrazenka and Johnson.

“We are also working with another company to produce a vaccine based on the” multiplicative viral measles-carrying measles “that the project is under development under the auspices of the Barakat Knowledge-Based Institute,” said a professor at the Pasteur Institute.

“Recombinant” vaccine of Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences

Another vaccine that is being developed in the country with the support of the Biotechnology Development Headquarters of the Vice Chancellor for Science is Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences; Dr. Hassan Abolghasemi, President of Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences, told Mehr: “The latest status of the production of” recombinant corona “vaccine is animal phase and the project is in progress.

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