Undoubtedly, one of the most important factors in creating security is military power. If the United States is focusing on Iran in West Asia today, it is because Iran has become a regional military power. Isn’t it that the American leaders announced every day that the option of a military attack on Iran is on the table. But the deterrence of the armed forces of the Islamic Republic, including the army, the IRGC and the Basij, prevented this action and made the Americans regret attacking the territory of Iran. “Iran has been successful in the turbulent and changing strategic environment of West Asia (the Middle East),” the American experts of the Atlantic Council acknowledge.

Army Air Force Achievements
During these years, the Air Force of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in addition to building and operating the “Lightning” and “Lightning” fighters. The Qaher 313 fighter, capable of carrying and firing six air-to-air missiles, has also been added to the country’s air fleet.

Launching the indigenous imaging system of the Phantom Simulator, rehabilitating a Sukhoi 24 fighter jet and an Ilyushin aircraft, producing the Ilyushin aircraft jack, refueling the Sukhoi from Sukhoi at low altitude for the first time, equipping F-7 fighters with missiles and new weapons from Among the actions and achievements of the Air Force of the Army of the Islamic Republic in the thirty-ninth year after the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

Navy Achievements
“Jamaran” and “Damavand” destroyers are the most important defense achievements of Islamic Iran in the maritime field; Modern and advanced vessels that have become the reputation of the Islamic Republic of Iran in regional and international waters, while the Sahand and Sina destroyers, which are the more advanced examples of the previous two destroyers. All these achievements of naval defense, when combined with the localization of non-Iranian defense industries (such as what happened to the Khark and Tariq submarines), will make it even more difficult for the enemies to calculate the defense power of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Operation of “Shield” missile launcher in the northern waters of the country, installation of “Samen” fire control radar on missile launchers, dispatch of 47, 48, 49 and 50 fleets to open waters and escort of more than 4,200 Iranian and non-Iranian ships, operational Launching Qadir missile, attaching an F-27 aircraft and a helicopter to the Jask Second Marine Zone Naval Unit, as well as launching “Mersad”, “Digital Autopilot”, “Indigenous fuel for torpedo engine combustion engine”, “Damavand project”, “Gulf training ship” “Fars”, “Nano coatings”, “Thunder missile tester”, “Naghsh project”, Makran 921 tactical vehicle are among the actions and defense achievements of the navy.

Achievements of the Army Ground Forces
Design and construction of “Zulfiqar 1 and 3”, “Mobarez”, “Safir”, “Samsam”, “Tiam”, “Karar” tanks, “Shahr”, “Bahr” and “Haidar” sniper rifles, installation of night vision system On most of the helicopters of the Air Force, as well as extensive updates of combat and armored vehicles, are among the valuable actions and achievements of the Army of the Islamic Republic after the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

The unveiling of Haidar 7, Haidar 44, Haidar 41 systems and complete self-sufficiency in the parts manufacturing industry are also among the actions and achievements of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Self-sufficiency in the production of weapons after the victory of the Islamic Revolution
Production of medium and short range missiles
Production of aircraft and helicopters
Upgrading aircraft and their components
Production of simulators
Production of radar systems
Production of cruise missiles
Production of anti-tank missiles
Production of non-kicking balls
Production of air-to-ground ammunition
Production of air-to-air missiles
Production of naval missiles
Anti-submarine production
Production of mortars
Production of small arms
Production of boats and destroyers
Production of bulletproof vests

Missile power

Our missile power, which our country’s officials have repeatedly stated has only a deterrent effect, has literally become a thorn in the side of the enemies. If they build walls all around the country, the production of missiles will not stop, because this whole industry is indigenous and domestic.

It was in August 1989 that the newest Iranian short-range ballistic missile called “Qayam” was successfully tested and fired for the first time.
Ghayam is one of the newest Iranian missiles that has new technical features and unique tactical power, which should be considered as the latest example of Iranian liquid fuel ballistic missiles.

Military experts consider the “uprising” to be Iran’s gateway to a new field of ballistic missile construction, stating that the 25-year experience of the country’s defense industry in the field of aerospace is summarized in this missile. One of the salient features of the uprising missile is that it can be tracked, detected and hit by anti-missile systems (such as Patriot, Arrow, etc.) due to high speed when launching, rotating, using special alloy and absorbing radar waves and possibly Excessive use of the MIRV 3-piece warhead has been drastically reduced.

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Eight years of sacred defense achievements
The only war in which Iran did not lose.
One of the greatest benefits of the war was the preservation and strengthening of the revolutionary spirit.
They could not separate an inch from Iran.
We have shown to all the nations of the world that we can.
Holy Defense is a test for the emergence of talents
The power of the Islamic Republic after the war dazzled the eyes.
Preserving the independence of the country, the flag of Islam and the identity of Islamic Iran in the holy defense
The holy defense of the Islamic Republic was strengthened.
The failure of Iraq and the West in the Eight-Year War
Victory over the military powers of the world in sacred defense
The resistance that became the model of the nations.
The Islamic Republic became stronger in the world.
Overcoming the goals of the enemies in the war and making us stronger
Arrogance fears Islam because of the nation’s presence in the 8-year war
The flag of Islam is hoisted thanks to the blood of the martyrs
Islamism of nations with the blessing of the struggle of warriors and martyrs
Complete technical and weapons dependence on the United States before the revolution

If we want to examine this process more closely, we must say that the army was reorganized during the Shah’s reign on August 19, 1932, that is, after the American coup d’etat on August 19, 1932. In fact, before this date, the military organization of the army changed from British and French equipment to American equipment. Of course, perhaps the root of this can be traced to two basic issues. The first is the increase in oil prices in world markets and the second is Iran’s membership in the Santo Pact, which was in fact formed to counter the Eastern Bloc, along with Pakistan, Turkey, Iraq and the United Kingdom as the front line against the Eastern Bloc, especially the Soviet Union.

By forming such a coalition, the United States sought to use Iran as a country with the largest border with the Soviet Union as a tool and to equip and arm Iran to protect its interests so that in the event of possible dangers to US interests in the region. It will take some time for US forces from other neighboring countries to arrive in the region to counter a possible Soviet invasion. In order to achieve such a goal, Iran had to be armed with modern weapons. The Americans, who are always looking for their own interests in the region, sold their weapons to Iran not through arms but through the country’s oil money, which belonged to all the people, and even when Iran did not have enough money to buy this equipment, by lending to The heavy benefits of this equipment were delivered to Iran.

Withdrawal of military advisers; The most important difference between the army of the Pahlavi regime and the Islamic Republic of Iran

The Americans did not even allow our technical personnel to master the technical and specialized principles, and only American military advisers were allowed access to the technical and specialized parts of weapons and equipment, all of which show the arrogant nature of criminal America. However, if we want to compare the current army with the pre-revolutionary one and the differences between the army and the glorious period of the Islamic Revolution, we must consider its most important achievements as the departure of military advisers, change in tactics and self-reliance in the field of equipment. Because during the Pahlavi regime, the Iranian army was an army that was not allowed to do even the simplest things without the permission of US military advisers.