Message from the Chairman of the Board

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in the statement of the second step of the revolution, the factor of Iran’s honor and progress in all areas, in the first forty years in jihadi management inspired by Islamic faith and belief in the principle of “we can” and to realize the process of the Islamic Revolution and great achievements The regime declared the revolution in the second step;

The revolution has entered the second stage of self-construction, socialization and civilization. The second step that must be taken within the framework of the “theory of the revolutionary system” and with the “efforts and struggles of the youth of Islamic Iran” towards the realization of military guardianship (Arvahna Fedah).

They also stressed that “to nationalize the glorious path to the lofty Islamic ideals, young managers, young agents, young thinkers, young activists, use the revolutionary vision and the revolutionary spirit and jihadist action, and make dear Iran a model of the advanced Islamic system.”

Therefore, considering the importance of jihadi management in the past, present and future of the Islamic system and the fulfillment of the basic topics and seven recommendations and the statement of the second step (science and research, spirituality and ethics, economics, justice and the fight against corruption, Independence and freedom, national dignity and foreign relations and demarcation with the enemy, lifestyle) It can be clearly understood that the only way to enter the name revolution is the second stage of self-construction, socialization and civilization in the field of leadership, management and administration of the Islamic system and process The great forty-year-old is necessarily a jihadi leader, and as the Supreme Leader of the Revolution said in 1993: This is our identity, this is our greatness, this is our future, this is the sketcher of our destiny, and … If the jihadi leadership was, the economy would prosper. Slowly, culture develops and the nation with an advanced economy reaches its peak and is not humiliated.

Therefore, I need to mention a few points about the statement of the step of the two revolutions and its vital connection with Chahadi’s management.

1. One of the most important indicators of jihadi management is following the commands, recommendations and menus of the Imam and the Leader and the Islamic community.

In the memory of the history of monotheistic civilizations, following the Imam has always been the most important principle of creation, formation, life and continuity of communities and structures, and the rate of success and realization of governmental ideals has a direct relationship with their superiority, so the most important principle of pre-civilization leap Absolute obedience to the leadership and implementation of the orders and prohibitions of the Imam of the Islamic Ummah.

2. The second indicator of endurance and active resistance against enemies and obstacles:

One of the most important principles of jihad and jihadist action in the way of God is the relentless effort in the face of hostile challenges, which leads to a serious determination to do great things and achieve divine ideals.

3. The third indicator is the Great Jihad.

In the Holy Qur’an, God commands the believers: <فَلَا تُطِعِ الْكَافِرِينَ وَجَاهِدْهُمْ بِهِ جِهَادًا کَبِيرًا >(Furqan verse 52) (ie do not obey the disbelievers and the enemies) The macro-policies of the Islamic system should make non-compliance with the enemy the top priority of all the administrations of the Islamic system.

4. The fourth indicator is not being afraid of the enemy.

God says in the Holy Qur’an: “Those who say to them, ‘The people’s’s’s people should gather together for you, and they shall grow up, and they will grow up,’ and they will say, ‘The word is the word.’

(The true believers and Mujahideen) were those who, when the people told them that the disbelievers had gathered against you and feared them, increased their faith and said: God is sufficient for us, and He is our best supporter, helper and defender.

Therefore, one of the important characteristics of the nation and the government is not to be afraid of the enemies and demons, which is the key to the success of the last forty years, which can defeat the enemies in the second step of the revolution.

5. The fifth indicator is hard work and unremitting effort.

Certainly endeavor faithfully without hard work and perseverance does not work, the hard way and realize the great ideals of the revolution second step requires Essen important that residents in favor of the LORD says: Vlnblvnkm even Nlm ul-Mujahedin Mnkm Valsabryn Vnblv Khbarkm “Muhammad verse 31”

The Supreme Leader of the Revolution says about hard work and unceasing effort: (Jihad means unceasing effort along with risk-taking and progress and hope for the future) and in the necessity of jihad says: Continuous jihad is the need of all, all progress, all civilization The constructions have been made permanent thanks to the struggle.

6. The sixth indicator is trust and patience.

In the interpretation of the example of Daleh, the verse of those who are patient and above their Lord are those who rely on “the spider of verse 59”:

If we think correctly, the root of all human virtues is “patience” and “trust”.

“Patience” is the factor of endurance in the face of obstacles and problems, and “trust” is the motivation for moving up and down this path. In fact, in order to do righteous deeds, one must use these two moral virtues, and without these two, it is never possible to do righteous deeds on a large scale.

The Supreme Leader of the Revolution says about trust and patience: The only way to get rid of the enemies is to trust in God and be patient in the field and struggle.

7. The seventh indicator is self-sacrifice with property, life and reputation.

The realization of the second step of the revolution requires self-sacrifice with the property, life and whole existence of the believers, which is one of the most important features of jihad in the way of God, a rich and unique trade, the result of which is victory. God Almighty says in this regard:

O those who believe Dlkm push on trade Tnjykm Lym_Tvmnvn God, I am tormented Vrsvlh Vtjahdvn sake of God Bamvalkm Vanfskm Zlkm Kntm Tlmvn surely good for you “line Yh10-11”

The Supreme Leader considers self-sacrifice as a necessity of jihad and says: Jihad must be accompanied by self-sacrifice, and jihad will not be superior.

8. The eighth indicator is the principle of service with divine intention.

The Holy Quran considers the divine path of the Mujahideen to be dependent on sincerity of intention:

<وَالَّذِينَ جَاهَدُوا فِينَا لَنَهْدِيَنَّهُمْ سُبُلَنَا ۚ وَإِنَّ اللَّهَ لَمَعَ الْمُحْسِنِينَ>”Spider verse 69″

The Supreme Leader of the Revolution says: If the intention is God, the jihad of man is for the sake of God. When man strives to exalt the word of truth, exalt the least of Islam, honor the Islamic Ummah and the faithful and Muslim nation of Iran, this becomes jihad for the sake of God.

9. The ninth index is a dead end.

The jihadi leader must break the deadlocks in the path of realizing his lofty divine ideals in order to overcome obstacles and problems and prove his invincibility and not be afraid of obstacles and certainty of opening and divine promises and reaching the goal in the worst conditions and proving the effectiveness of religion. .

One of the most beautiful verses of the Qur’an is to get out of problems and deadlocks and achieve the desired of these verses:

I Ytq God Mkhrja_Vyrzqh Yjl crush me as I Ytvkl La Yhtsb Fhv Hisba Ali Allah Allah Allah mature mandatory forgery height per object Qdra “divorce verse 2_3”

The foundations of breaking the deadlock from the perspective of religious teachings:

1. Faith in God

۲. Pious foresight

3. Trust in God

4. Endurance and stability

5. Flexibility

6. Belief in divine promises

10. The tenth indicator is Sa’eh Sadr

Divine systems are always faced with various problems, failures and obstacles. Achieving the goals of a government requires enduring many hardships for government leaders and managers. If there is no patience, resistance, calm and tolerance threshold, unfortunate events will occur that are acceptable. And it calls into question the legitimacy of the officials and rulers. After conveying his mission, Prophet Moses also asked God to explain Sadr so that he could bear the heavy burden of the mission and leadership of the ummah and the management of a monotheistic society. Therefore, one of the indicators of the officials and rulers of the Islamic system in the realization of great ideals in the second step of the revolution is adornment as described by Sadr. It is hoped that the discourse of the culture of jihadi management and the implementation of its components and indicators in the field of administration of the Islamic system will fulfill the menus and expectations of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in the second step.

Mohammad Hossein Sepehr