Message From Head Manger

Today, unemployment and solving economic problems is the most important and obvious problem of the people of this borderland, and the officials and managers of the country must take basic measures to solve this problem. Cooperation, unity and intellectual interaction are among the basic strategies for advancing various economic and cultural programs in the society, and the officials of the executive apparatus must be sincere and motivated to serve the people and take steps to fulfill the demands of the people.

Today, unity between the institutions and the servants of the nation is the most important condition for the realization of a resistance economy. People’s representatives in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, ministers, military officials and the country must take steps towards the growth and development of the country through interaction and intellectual convergence.

The existence of national unity and cohesion accelerates the implementation of economic programs and thwarts the conspiracies of the enemies. Due to regional developments, there is a possibility of intensifying economic sanctions or issuing a resolution against the Islamic Republic by the arrogant regime, which can be overcome as in the past with national unity and cohesion. The Supreme Leader of the Revolution observed the developments in the region well and is in charge of internal and external affairs, and based on this, they determined the course of the country. Despite the good activities that have taken place in the country during the years after the Islamic Revolution, we still face problems such as unemployment and poverty, which is a good opportunity to reduce and eliminate these problems. Today, we must strengthen the will and move forward with diligence and empathy, following the orders of the leadership and the cooperation of the government, the parliament and the people, and overcome these conditions and problems.

Full cohesion, convergence and coordination of officials is one of the most effective decisions that must be taken for optimal management in the country. In this regard, officials and senior managers must accompany and support each other in acute issues of the country. The executive is in sync with the legislature and everyone should take steps for the people.

Convergence is the most important strategy. In fact, the more exchanges, talks, meetings and convergences between the leaders of the forces and the officials, the sooner and better this happy event will happen.

Unfortunately, now each of the devices follows its own method, and the lack of coordination of these devices is a loss and damage to the people.

The condition for success in the second step of the revolution is to turn to revolutionary and jihadi management, and if we want to achieve more success in the second step of the revolution, we must pay attention to revolutionary and jihadi management along with rationality and spirituality. All officials should know that the main concern of the Supreme Leader is to improve the living standards of the people, and if an official does not have this concern, it is definitely not from the people and from the people.

Economic growth is in the country’s jihadi management group, and the presence of capable managers is necessary for the realization of jihadi management. Paying attention to human capital, moving in the direction of a coherent program and compiling an atlas of targeted investment, as well as the infrastructure to achieve this goal.

Whenever the human capital of a community is given serious attention and like-minded people step in with each other in mind and thought, amazing changes occur on a large scale.

In the field of internal affairs, we have no choice but to unite the officials and pay attention to solving the problems of the people. Today, even political rivalries and many social and cultural problems have been overshadowed by the country’s economic problems. The government must act on its slogans and programs to solve the country’s economic problems, and in this way, by employing managers with sufficient motivation, power and expertise, put it on the agenda.

Today, the implementation of the general policies of Article 44 of the Constitution is always emphasized and emphasized in the meetings of the officials with the Supreme Leader of the Revolution.

Today, the implementation of the general policies of Article 44 of the Constitution is always emphasized and emphasized in the meetings of the officials with the Supreme Leader of the Revolution. Empowering the private sector and democratizing the economy in the true sense of the word protects producers against illegal imports and tackling the problem of smuggling, improving the business environment, removing employment barriers and implementing the policies of the resistance economy. Pay attention to it in advance.

Imam Khamenei (as) says about unity: Maintaining unity and empathy is another of our duties. We have said many times that there should be unity and empathy between the officials. The three powers and others must empathize with each other, be in sync with each other; Even in some places they have differences of opinion. There is nothing wrong with disagreement; But they must go back to each other in the orientations of the system and the country and the revolution. Shake hands firmly and move forward; Both these, the people together, and the people with the officials. This unity and empathy is the definitive cure for many of the problems that exist in the country.

Kaveh Pezeshk