Martyr Qasim Soleimani

Haj Qasem Soleimani, after the victory of the Revolution, became a member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. At the beginning of the war, he commanded two battalions of Kerman forces until, with the verbal suggestion of Sardar Shahid Hassan Bagheri, he formed a new brigade of Kerman forces, which was later upgraded to the 41st Sarollah Division in the winter of 1361, which included forces from Kerman. Sistan and Baluchestan and Hormozgan.

During the time of the Holy Defense, he participated in many operations with his subordinate army, including Valfajr 8, Karbala 4, Karbala 5 and Tak Shalamcheh.

Sarollah’s 41st Division should be called one of the IRGC’s line-breaking divisions during the years of holy defense, whose forces played an important role in large-scale operations such as Wal-Fajr 8, Karbala 5, and so on.

For many of Qassem Soleimani’s comrades, the war ended in the summer of 1967, but for him it was the beginning of a new era on the battlefield.

Due to his presence on the eastern borders and his history of fighting narcotics and drug gangs on the borders of Iran and Afghanistan, he was summoned to Tehran from Kerman in 1997 by Ayatollah Khamenei, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, and was given the responsibility of the IRGC’s Quds Force.

One of the highlights of Sardar Soleimani’s command of the Quds Force was the strengthening of Lebanese Hezbollah and Palestinian militant groups, which was evident in several battles, including the 33-day war between Hezbollah and the Zionist regime and the victory of Palestinian fighters in the 22-day Gaza war against the Israeli army.

In fact, Qassem Soleimani was able to follow well the strategy of the Islamic Republic, that is, to help the groups fighting against Israel, and to take other steps in this direction every day.

Qasem Soleimani was promoted to the rank of Major General in 2010 by the decree of Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, but he is still referred to as “Haj Qasim” in public opinion.

But that was not the end of the story. With the new conspiracy of the West and the financial support of countries such as Saudi Arabia, which led to the formation of Takfiri terrorist groups including ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra in the region, Qassem Soleimani found a new mission to counter these threats in Iraq and Syria.

Soleimani formed a “popular mobilization” in Iraq and a “people’s mobilization” (patriotic defense forces) in Syria, and with their help and the guidance and advice of the IRGC’s Quds Force, the terrorists’ bases in the two countries were almost assembled within six years.

In fact, it should be said that he and his forces, who went to these two countries at the official request of the Syrian and Iraqi governments, prevented the fall of Damascus and Baghdad, and he was the one who played a significant role in accompanying Russia and Putin to Moscow. He entered the Syrian battlefield.

Perhaps one of the main goals of the enemies for the fall of Syria was to cut ties between Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon, but with the defeat of ISIS and the role of the Quds Force in Syria and Iraq, a strong circle called the Resistance was formed and the chain of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon And connected Palestine.

There is no doubt that this is against the will of the United States and Israel, but with the command of “Qassem Soleimani” in the depths of the field and the formation of a popular mobilization in Syria and Iraq, this issue became a reality Created.

Sardar Soleimani’s irreplaceable role in managing the region and confronting the enemies has earned him titles such as “Commander Ghost,” “The Most Powerful Person in the Middle East,” and “Israel’s Nightmare” by the Americans and Israelis.

Haj Qasem’s effective presence in the fight against ISIS and the defeat of this Zionist conspiracy in the region caused the Zulfiqar badge to be awarded to Sardar Soleimani by the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces as the highest military badge in Iran in March 2017.

Finally, this tireless commander of the right-against-wrong fronts this morning (December 4) in the attack of American helicopters on his car around Baghdad airport, drank the sweet nectar of martyrdom and joined his fellow martyrs.

Will of Martyr Qassem Soleimani

in the name of God

I testify to the principles of religion

I bear witness that there is no god but God, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of God, and I bear witness that the Commander of the Faithful is Ali ibn Abi Talib and the descendants of the infallible twelve Imams, and our infallibles are the pilgrims of God.

I bear witness that the Resurrection is the truth, the Qur’an is the truth, heaven and hell are the truth, questions and answers are the truth, resurrection, justice, Imamate, prophecy is the truth.

God! Thank you for your blessings.

O God! Thank you for transferring me from heart to heart, from heart to heart, and from time to time, allowing me to appear and exist at a time when I understand the possibility of understanding one of the most prominent saints, who is close to the infallibles, Abd Saleh Khomeini the Great, and I become a soldier and a rider. If I did not have the success of the companions of the Great Prophet Muhammad Mustafa, and if I did not benefit from the period of oppression of Ali ibn Abi Talib and his infallible and oppressed sons, you would have put me in the same path in which they sacrificed their lives, which were the souls of the world and creation.

Lord ! Thank you for associating me with your best servants and for giving me the understanding of kissing their heavenly faces and smelling their divine fragrance – that is, the Mujahideen and the martyrs of this path.

O God! Dear Qadir and O Rahman Razzaq, I put the forehead of sugar on your threshold, thanking you for putting me in the path of Fatima Athar and her children in the Shiite religion, the true perfume of Islam, and benefiting me from the tears of the children of Ali ibn Abi Talib and Fatima Athar; What a great blessing that is your highest and most valuable blessing; The blessing in which there is light, the spirituality, the restlessness that has the highest positions within it, the sorrow that gave peace and spirituality.

O God, thank you for benefiting me from my poor but pious and loving Ahl al-Bayt parents, who are constantly on the right path. I desperately ask you to associate them in Paradise and with your saints, and to benefit me from their presence in the Hereafter.

God! I hope for your forgiveness

Dear God and O incomparable wise Creator! My hand is empty and the backpack of my journey is empty, I come to your feast of forgiveness and cream without leaves and luggage. I did not take any luggage; What is the need of luggage and leaves for the poor in Karim ?!

The thief, my thief is full of hope in you and your grace and mercy; I have brought with me two blindfolds, the wealth of which, along with all the impurities, has a valuable reserve, and that is the essence of tears for Hussein Fatemeh; The essence of tears is on the Ahl al-Bayt; The essence of tears is defending the oppressed, the orphan, defending the oppressed in the hands of the oppressor.

O God! There is nothing in my hands; They have neither to offer nor have the power to defend, but I have stored in my hands what I hope to store, and that is to be constantly fluent in you. When I lifted them up to you, when I laid them on the ground and on your knees, when I took up arms to defend your religion; This is the wealth of my hand that I hope you have accepted. O God! My legs are weak, there is no pain. He does not dare to cross the bridge that goes through hell. My feet tremble on the ordinary bridge, woe to me and your path, which is thinner than hair and more victorious than a sword; But a hope promises me that I may not tremble, I may be saved. I have set foot in the sanctuary with these feet, I have walked around the houses, and in the sanctuary of the guardianship between the two holy shrines, Hussein and Abbas, I have run them naked. I laughed and cried and cried; I fell and got up. I hope you forgive those jumps and creeps and in honor of those sanctuaries.

O God! My head, my intellect, my lips, my ears, my heart, all my limbs and joints are in the same hope; O Most Merciful! Accept me; Accept clean; Accept as much as I deserve to see you. I do not want to see you except, my paradise is next to you, O God!

God! I am left from the caravan of my friends

God, dear! I have been left behind by a caravan for many years and I am constantly sending people to it, but I am left alone, but you know, I could never forget them. Constantly remembering them, their names, not in my mind but in my heart and in my eyes, were remembered with tears and sighs.

my dear! My body is paralyzed. How can you not accept someone who has stood by you for forty years? My Creator, my Beloved, my love that I have constantly asked you to fill my whole being with love for yourself; Burn me in your separation and die.

Babe! I have gone to the deserts out of desperation and disgrace; I go from city to city and from desert to desert in winter and summer. Karim, Habib, I have closed my heart to you, you know I love you. You know, I do not want anything but you. Connect me to you.

God, terror has taken over my whole being. I can not control my breath, do not disgrace me. To the sanctity of those whose sanctity you have made obligatory upon yourself, before breaking the sanctuary that harms their sanctuary, connect me to the caravan that came to Suwait.

My god, my love and my lover, I love you. I have seen and felt you many times, I can not be separated from you. That’s enough, that’s enough. Accept me, but as I deserve you.

Addressed to my brothers and sisters …

Take care of my Mujahideen brothers and sisters in this world, those who have lent their heads to God and taken their souls in their palms and been sold in the love market: The Islamic Republic is the center of Islam and Shiism.

Today, Hussein ibn Ali is based in Iran. Know that the Islamic Republic is a sanctuary and if this sanctuary remains, other sanctuaries will remain. If the enemy destroys this shrine, there will be no shrine left, neither the Abrahamic shrine nor the Muhammadan shrine.

My brothers and sisters! The Islamic world is constantly in need of leadership; Leadership attached to and appointed by the Shari’a and infallible jurisprudence. You know very well that the most glorious religious scholar who shook the world revived Islam, that is, our great and pure Khomeini made Velayat-e-Faqih the only saving version of this nation; Therefore, whether you who believe in it religiously as a Shiite or a rational believer as a Sunni, know that you should not leave the tent of the province to save Islam, away from any differences. The tent is the tent of the Messenger of God. The basis of the world’s enmity with the Islamic Republic is to burn and destroy this tent, turn around. God willing, God willing, if this tent is damaged, the Holy House of God and the holy city of the Messenger of God and Najaf, Karbala, Kazemin, Samarra and Mashhad will not remain; The Qur’an suffers.

Addressed to Iranian brothers and sisters …

My dear Iranian brothers and sisters, proud people, may my life and the lives of others like you be sacrificed thousands of times, as if you sacrificed hundreds of thousands of lives for Islam and Iran; Take care of the principles, the principles mean the guardian of the jurisprudent, especially this wise, oppressed, pious person in religion, jurisprudence, mysticism, knowledge; Consider dear Khamenei your soul, consider his sanctity sacred.

Brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, my dear!

The Islamic Republic is going through its proudest period today. Know what the enemy looks at you, how the enemy looked at your prophet, and how they treated the Prophet of God and his descendants, what accusations were made against him, how they treated his pure children? Do not be divided by the condemnation of the enemies and their slander and their pressure.

Know that you know that the most important art of dear Khomeini was to first bring Islam to the support of Iran and then put Iran in the service of Islam. If it were not for Islam and if the Islamic spirit did not rule this nation, you would kill Saddam like a predatory wolf of this country; America did the same thing like a rabid dog, but the Imam’s art was to support Islam; Ashura and Muharram brought zero and Fatimids to the support of this nation, created revolutions in the revolution, because in every period thousands of sacrificers have sacrificed their lives for you and the nation of Iran and the land of Iran and Islam and have humiliated the greatest material powers. . My dear, do not differ in principles.

Martyrs are the axis of honor and dignity of all of us; Not for today, but always connected to the vast sea of ​​God Almighty. See them as big in your eyes, heart and tongue as they are. Introduce your children to their names and pictures. Look at the children of the martyrs, who are the orphans of all of you, with the eyes of politeness and respect. Respect their spouses and parents, pay special attention to them in the absence of your fathers, mothers, wives and children, just as you neglect your children.

Respect your armed forces, which are commanded by the Supreme Leader today, in order to defend yourself, your religion, Islam and the country, and the armed forces must protect, support, politely and respect the nation and its land, as well as the defense of their home. Towards the nation, as the Commander of the Faithful, the pious Mawlawi, said, the armed forces should be the source of the nation’s honor, and the fortress and refuge of the oppressed and the people, and the adornment of its country.

Addressed to the dear people of Kerman …

I also have a point addressed to the dear people of Kerman; People who are friendly and made the highest sacrifices during the 8 years of holy defense, and the commanders and Mujahideen dedicated a very high position to Islam. I am always ashamed of them. They trusted me for eight years because of Islam; They sent their children to massacres and fierce battles such as Karbala 5, Wal-Fajr 8, Tariq al-Quds, Fath al-Mubin, Jerusalem, etc., and founded a large and valuable army in the name and love of the oppressed Imam Hussein ibn Ali called Sarullah. This army, like a victorious sword, often made the hearts of our people and Muslims happy and removed the sorrow from their faces. Dear ones! By God’s will, I am gone from you today. I love you more than my parents and children and my siblings, because I was with you more than them; While I was one of them and they were part of me, but they also accepted that I vow my existence to you and the Iranian nation.

I would like Kerman to stay with the province always and to the end. This province is the province of Ali ibn Abi Talib and his tent is the tent of Hussein Fatima, look around it. I am with all of you. You know, in life I paid more attention to humanity and emotions and instincts than to political colors. My address to all of you is that you know me, you know your brother and your child.

I command you not to leave Islam alone at this time, which is associated with the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic. Defending Islam requires special intelligence and attention. In political matters, where the issue of Islam, the Islamic Republic, the holy places and the guardianship of the jurisprudent is discussed, these are the color of God; Prefer the color of God over any color.

Addressed to the families of the martyrs …

My children, my daughters and sons, the children of the martyrs, the surviving fathers and mothers of the martyrs, O shining lights of our country, the faithful and pious brothers and sisters and wives of the martyrs! In this world, the voice that I heard daily and was familiar with, and as the voice of the Qur’an calmed me and I knew my greatest spiritual support, was the voice of the children of the martyrs, with which I was sometimes acquainted daily; It was the voice of the parents of the martyrs that I felt the presence of my mother and father in them.

my dears! Know your worth to the veterans of this nation. Make your martyr manifest in yourself, so that everyone who sees you, the martyr’s father or the martyr’s son, will definitely feel the martyr, with the same spirituality, strength and character.

Please allow me and forgive me. I could not fulfill the necessary right about many of you and even the children of your martyr, I am both asking for forgiveness and asking for forgiveness.

I would like the children of the martyrs to carry my corpse, maybe God will take care of me with the blessing of their clean hands hitting my body.

Addressing the country’s politicians …

I have a brief point for the country’s politicians: whether those who call themselves reformists or those who are fundamentalists. What I was constantly suffering from was that we generally forget God and the Qur’an and values ​​at two points, but rather sacrifice. Beloved, you are competing with each other and arguing with each other, but if your actions and your words or your debates were in any way weakening the religion and the revolution, know that you are angry with the Holy Prophet of Islam and the martyrs of this path; Separate boundaries. If you want to be together, the condition of being together is to agree and express clearly about principles. Principles are not long and detailed. Principles are some important principles:

The first is the practical belief in Velayat-e-Faqih; That is, to listen to his advice, to act wholeheartedly on his advice and reminders as a true religious and scientific physician. Whoever wants to assume responsibility in the Islamic Republic, the basic condition is that he has true faith and practice in Velayat-e-Faqih. I do not say Tanuri province, nor I mean legal province; Neither of these solves the problem of unity; Legal guardianship is for the general public, both Muslims and non-Muslims, but practical guardianship is for the officials who want to bear the important burden of the country, and that is the Islamic country with so many martyrs!

True belief in the Islamic Republic and what has been its basis; From ethics and values ​​to responsibilities; What a responsibility to the nation and to Islam. Employing honest and believing people and serving the nation, not people who, even if they reach the table of a village, evoke the memory of former homes.

Make it your way to fight corruption and avoid corruption and luxuries.

In the period of their rule and sovereignty, in any responsibility, they should respect the people and serve them as worship, and they should be the real servants, the developers of values, and not boycott the values ​​with false justifications.

Officials, like the fathers of society, should pay attention to their responsibility to educate and protect society, not to support a morality that promotes divorce and corruption in society and breaks up families, not for the sake of emotion and to attract some fleeting emotional votes. . Governments are a major factor in the strength of the family and, on the other hand, an important factor in the breakup of the family. If the principles are followed, then everyone is on the path of the Supreme Leader, the Revolution and the Islamic Republic, and a proper competition will be based on these principles to choose the right one.

Addressed to the brothers of the army …

I have a short word to say to the dear and devoted brothers of the army and the armies of the army: Make the criteria of responsibilities for choosing commanders, courage and power of crisis management. Naturally, I am not referring to the province, because the province is not part of the armed forces, but is the basis for the survival of the armed forces, this condition is inviolable.

Another point is timely recognition of the enemy and his goals and policies, and timely decision-making and timely action; Each of these, if done in its own time, has a serious effect on your success.

Addressed to scholars and supreme authorities …

A short speech from a 40-year-old soldier in the square, to the great scholars and esteemed authorities who enlighten the society and remove the darkness of the great authorities of imitation; Your soldier saw from a watchtower that if this system was damaged, religion and all its values ​​[that] you have broken bones and worked hard in the fields would be destroyed.

These periods are different from all other periods, this time if they dominate, there is nothing left of Islam. The right way is to support the revolution, the Islamic Republic and the Supreme Leader without any consideration.

In events, others should not consider you as the hope of Islam. All of you loved the Imam and believed in his way. The Imam’s way of fighting the United States and supporting the Islamic Republic and the oppressed Muslims is under the banner of the Supreme Leader.

I saw with my imperfect intellect that some khanas tried and are trying to silence and consider the influential authorities and scholars in the society with their words and the state of lateral truth. The right is clear; The Islamic Republic and the values ​​and guardianship of the jurisprudent are the legacy of Imam Khomeini (may God have mercy on him) and should be seriously supported. I see Grand Ayatollah Khamenei very oppressed and alone. He needs your support and help, and you gentlemen should guide the society with your statements, meetings, and support. If this revolution is damaged, even the time of the accursed king will not be, but the arrogant attempt at pure atheism and deep deviation will be irreversible.

I kiss your happy hand and apologize for this statement, but I would like to say to you in the face-to-face honors that it did not succeed.

Your soldiers and friends

I apologize to everyone

I ask forgiveness and forgiveness from my neighbors, friends and colleagues. I ask for forgiveness from the warriors of Lashkar-e-Sarollah and the great force of Quds, which is the thorn in the side of the enemy and his way; Especially from those who helped me brotherly.

I can not name Hossein Pourjafari who helped me in a benevolent and brotherly way as a child and I loved him like my brothers. I apologize to his family and to all my brothers who fought and fought for their hard work. Of course, all the brothers of the Quds Force had brotherly love and helped me, and my dear friend Sardar Qaani, who endured me with patience and dignity