Martyr Noor Ali Shoushtari

Noor Ali Shoushtari was born in 1327 in Yingjeh village of Neishabour province.
According to Tabnak, he has worked hard for many years in the IRGC and has commanded various regions, including Kurdistan-Azerbaijan, Sistan and Baluchestan.

imposed war

Sardar Shoushtari, who has the honor of accompanying great martyrs such as Martyr Bakri and Martyr Brunsi in his golden record, was active in most operations with various responsibilities, especially commanding operational axes, which resulted in seven severe injuries and suffering as a result of this presence. He was active and sincere, and thus brought the honor of a veteran like another golden leaf to the book of life throughout his struggle.

With the advent of Operation Mursad, on the recommendation of the Supreme Leader, he took responsibility for this proud operation and, according to the martyr Sayyad Shirazi, showed good command, to the point that the late Haj Seyyed Ahmad Khomeini contacted him and reported the progress of the operation. By the late Imam Khomeini, Imam Khomeini addressed Sardar Shoushtari: “In this world I can not do anything. If I have a reputation in that world, I will definitely intercede for you.

The command of the 5th Division of the Najaf base, the Hamzeh base and the deputy commander of the IRGC ground forces are part of the responsibilities of this great commander and high-ranking martyr. From April 1, 1988, he retained his position and became the commander of the Quds base in Zahedan, and succeeded in adding to his honors with a tireless effort and tireless struggle to create an alliance between the Shiite and Sunni tribes in this province.

Will of Martyr Noor Ali Shoushtari

Yesterday we went through everything

We passed what we were today

There we were behind the embankment and here in the shelter of the table

Yesterday we were looking for anonymity and today we are careful not to lose our name

The front smelled of faith, and here our faith is indigenous

There we wrote on the door of our room: O Hussein, you are the commander

We are writing now, do not enter without coordination

May God help us to become insightful

See us so that we do not deviate from the path

Free us from captivity