Martyr Mohammad Ibrahim Hemmat

Mohammad Ibrahim Hemmat was born in Shahreza Dideh on April 3, 1954. He completed his diploma in his hometown. His father says of his childhood: “During his studies, he had extraordinary intelligence and talent, and he successfully passed all the elementary and high school years.” When I came home tired from my daily work, I saw that my son was wiping all my tiredness and suffering from me, and if we did not see him one night, it would be very bitter and unfortunate for me, he says: Mohammad Ibrahim’s longing for The Qur’an and learning it made him insist on asking his mother to teach him the Qur’an and help him memorize the surahs. This interest was so great that from the beginning of going to high school, he was able to fully learn to read the holy book of the Qur’an and memorize some small chapters. This famous fighter entered Isfahan Teacher Training University in 1973 and received his postgraduate degree in 1975. After receiving his postgraduate degree, he entered the military service and then returned to Shahreza and taught history in the middle schools of that city. Paydan encouraged the students to study and gain insight and knowledge, and this led to several warnings from SAVAK, but he did not neglect the training of his students for a moment. His fiery speeches against the Pahlavi regime, which were carried out without expediency, forced the regime agents to pursue him, so that he traveled from city to city to escape arrest. With the gradual expansion of the Islamic Revolution, he established contact with the seminary of Qom and regularly traveled to Qom to seek guidance, meet with the clergy, and receive leaflets and tapes. During this period, various factions reacted to protest against the oppressive regime and their actions and repressions, so Ibrahim Hemmat felt that he should return to Shahreza to organize the demonstrations. After returning there, he stepped up his efforts to take people to the streets and demonstrate against the regime, until he read an important resolution, one of the clauses of which was the dissolution of SAVAK, during one of the most popular rallies. Following that, the order to assassinate and execute him was issued by the military governor of Isfahan, Major General Seyed Reza Naji, but he changed his appearance and went to different cities until the victory of the revolution, and they could not arrest him.
The role of Martyr Hemmat in confronting the counter-revolutionary elements Ebrahim Hemmat was sent to Kurdistan in June 1980 to fight the counter-revolution after his ideological activities in Sistan-Baluchestan. At that time, parts of the Kurdistan region were under the control of mercenary groups. He was able to narrow the field to them by all-out struggle against the global arrogant elements and self-selling groups, and on the other hand he deprived the people and tried to solve their problems for his part, and showed considerable efforts to confront the cultural poverty of the region. He shouted so much that when he left, the people of the area cried and even sat down and did not want to leave him. For some time, he was in charge of public relations of the Paveh Corps, and after a while, he fought as the commander of the Paveh Corps. According to the statistics obtained from the notes of that martyr, he was in charge of the Paveh Revolutionary Guards from October 1980 to December 1981, during which time he was able to carry out successful operations to clear the villages of miscreants, liberate the heights and clash with Have Ba’athist army forces. It should be noted that at the beginning of his arrival in Kurdistan, Shahid Hemmat was appointed in charge of public relations and propaganda of the IRGC in Paveh due to his cultural background, and with the help of Kurdish Basijis, he launched a publication called Payam Paveh. He was deposited. In his notes, Shahid Hemmat deals with the memories of Kurdistan and writes: On the 17th of October 1981, with the care of God and the immediate cooperation of the powerful Marivan Corps, he cleared the Orman region with seven deprived villages and, by the will of God and unseen help, The Salvation Party was completely destroyed. About 300 unfortunate suicide bombers surrendered to Islamic forces. One hundred people were killed and more than 600 weapons fell into the hands of powerful Islamic armies. Rashid’s Revolutionary Guards worked diligently to remove the nuisances from the Nosud and Paveh areas, and the work of clearing and eliminating the lowly criminals continued to the Iraqi border. This victory and burning of the enemy was achieved in the great and rising operation of Muhammad, the Messenger of God (PBUH) and with the code “La ilaha illa Allah”. In a year of relentless struggle, 362 deceived Democrats, Komala, Fadaei and Rozgari, surrendered to the Paveh Corps with all their destructive and firearms and received a letter of amnesty. The region of Paveh and Nosud became a burning hell for the atheists, its power and mobility destroyed the impure demons, so that they found surrender and escape as their only way of salvation. In a short time, that turbulent and insecure area, which had become a single field of evil, became a safe land. The role of Martyr Hemmat in the imposed war After the start of the war imposed by the Ba’athist regime in Iraq, Martyr Hemmat entered the battlefield and during his years on the battlefield, he left remarkable services and created honors. He and Sardar Haj Ahmad Motusalian were assigned to form the Muhammad Rasoolullah (PBUH) Brigade while being sent to the southern front by the order of the esteemed commander of the IRGC. In the nationwide operation of Fatah al-Mubin, this heroic commander was responsible for part of the whole operation. The success of the operation in the mountainous region of “Shavarieh” is due to the sacrifice and efforts of this great commander and his comrades. Martyr Hemmat in the victorious operation of Jerusalem in the position of deputy of the brigade of Muhammad Rasoolullah (PBUH) carried out an active activity and effort in breaking the siege of Shalamcheh-Khorramshahr road and it can be rightly said that he and the unit under his command had a great share in the conquest of Khorramshahr And although the area of operations was plain, he commanded favorably using the best military tactics. In 1982, due to the outbreak of sedition and war in southern Lebanon, he set out to help the Muslim and oppressed people of Lebanon who had been cowardly attacked by the Zionist regime. One of the characteristics of this wise commander was his high political vision, he thought a lot about the issues of Lebanon, Palestine and other Islamic countries, and he was so aware of the situation there that it was as if he had been in conflict with the enemies of Islam for many years. Despite his busy schedule, he was not unaware of the study and was well acquainted with the political issues of the day. He was only in these areas for 2 months and then returned to Iran and became the focus of war and jihad. With the start of the Ramadan operation on July 14, 1982, in the “East Basra” region, he took command of the 27th Brigade of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and later promoted this unit to a division until his martyrdom in the position of commander. After that, in the operations of Muslim Ibn Aqeel and Muharram, who was the commander of Zafar camp, he fought the enemy militarily. It was a preliminary operation in Valfajr that Martyr Hemmat took charge of the 11th Qadr Corps, which included the 27th Division of Hazrat Mohammad Rasoolullah (PBUH), the 31st Division of Ashura, the 5th Division of Nasr and the 10th Brigade of Sayyid al-Shuhada (AS). The speed of action of the fighters of the 27th Division under his command in Operation Valfajr 4 was remarkable. He had a special role in capturing the heights of Kani Manga. Witness Martyr Hemmat was finally martyred by artillery shelling along with his deputy Akbar Zajaji on March 8, 1983 at the intersection of the roads of the northern and southern islands of Majnoon and was buried in Shahreza Martyrs’ Flower Garden. Initially, Martyr Hemmat was supposed to be buried in section 24 of Behesht Zahra in Tehran, but at the insistence of his family, he was buried in his hometown, next to Imam Reza Shahreza. However, in section: 24, row: 77, number: 524, Behesht Zahra, next to Mostafa Chamran. , Abbas Karimi and Reza Cheraghi have installed a tombstone for him and many think that he is buried in Behesht Zahra. Martyr Ghasem Soleimani says about the manner of Martyr Hemmat’s martyrdom: In leaving the engine, not in the bulletproof Benz, and in the special space, Hemmat was martyred in leaving the unknown engine in the middle of Majnoon Island, and for more than 2 hours no one knew that Hemmat had fallen. Brothers, this is strength … this is the test … and this is how he rules souls today.

Will of Martyr Mohammad Ibrahim Hemmat

On 10/19/1959, at 10:10 PM, I write a few lines of wills: Every night a star is thrown to the ground and again this sad sky is drowned in stars. Mother John, you know that I love you very much and you know that How much your child loved martyrdom and love for martyrs. Mother, the ignorance that rules a society destroys human beings and the governments of Taghut are the complement of this ignorance and it may take centuries for a human being to be born from a pure dynasty and be able to lead a society. He is confused and holds his head in his lock and the Imam is the crystallization of those who continue the path of Imamate, courage and martyrdom. Madarjan, do you remember that I was going to die for an announcement of the Imam? His words have been and are the inspiration of the radiant spirit of Islam in my heart and rotten existence. If I had the honor of martyrdom, ask the Imam to pray for me so that maybe God will accept me as a martyr at the gate of His Majesty; Mother John, I hated and am a man of compromise and indifference, and unfortunately there are many young people who do not have enough knowledge of Islam and do not know what they live for and what their purpose is and what they say at all. I wish they came to their senses. On my behalf, tell the youth that the eyes of the martyrs and the crystallization of their blood are on you. Rise up and find Islam and yourself. Like our Islamic Revolution, it is nowhere to be found, neither East nor West; Islam that: Islamic … I wish the nations under the pressure of the triangle of force and gold and hypocrisy would come to their senses and they would also rub the snout of arrogance on the ground. Mother John, our society has made a revolution and it takes several years for it to gradually remove the traits and morals of Taghut from the minds of human beings, but our intellectuals suffered a lot from this revolution because they did not know it and did not suffer much. They have struck this free sapling from all sides, but God is powerful, if they are not guided, they will certainly be punished. Parents ; I love life, but not so much that I become infected and lose myself and forget that I love living like a martyr and living like a martyr, living like a martyr and becoming a martyr like a martyr. Martyrdom in the dictionary of Islam is the most effective blow to the body of oppression. , Kind, polytheism and atheism are and will be. See what day we are in and how much colonialism has dragged our society into the mud, but there is no way out. These are the obstacles to the Islamic Revolution; Therefore, the barrier to the path of Islam must be removed so that the path of evolution can be traversed. Mother Jan, I swear to God that if you cry and cry for me, I will not be satisfied with you at all. Live like Zainab and leave me to God (O God, I desire the success of martyrdom in your style). و السلام; The second will of Martyr Mohammad Ibrahim Hemmat In the name of Allah A name that is never far from me and I always dreamed of joining it. Peace be upon Hussein (AS), the ruler of the martyrs of Aswa and the myth of humanity. Dear mother and loving wife, my dear father and brothers! May God bless you that you never prevented me from moving in the way of God. How much you are patient. You know how much I loved the martyrs, the buds of which (pigeons) are always flying to the kingdom. Patterns and patterns that Believes in giving one’s life for survival (survival and eternal life) and closeness to God because “Allah is the best of believers.” I do not fit in my skin either. I am lost and I find myself trapped in a cage and I want to get out of the cage. Barbed wires prevent me. I hate the world of the appearance of material deception and everything that keeps me from God. Satan’s soul within and not purified) During the war, the brothers who were martyred in the operation became more spiritual and enlightened, and every neutral felt that it was time for the brother to be martyred. My dears! This is the second time that I am writing a will, but I do not deserve it, and it is clear that I have not yet been purified and infected in my captivity. From the beginning of the revolution, I started on this path, and after the victory of the revolution, I found the IRGC a good refuge to fight, first in the fight against the counter-revolution and the Khans in Shahreza (Ghomsheh) and Samirom, then in Khuzestan To Sistan and Baluchestan (Chabahar and Kanarak) and then moving to Kurdistan. I have been in Kurdistan for exactly two years. It is as if the war has become involved with me. God has so far been very kind to this sinner and has given me the success of the struggle on his way. Now I am leaving with a world waiting to join and reach my beloved. Note my dear ones: * 1- If God gave me a child, even though I could not stay at home for even a week during the period when I chose a wife, I want you to raise her in a causal way. My wife is a wonderful person. She is patient and loves Zainab. She will enjoy raising my child properly because she has found her way. If she gives birth to a son, she will be called Mahdi, and if she gives birth to a daughter, give her the name Maryam. Because my wife likes this name. * 2- Imam is the manifestation of purity, purity and a sea of ​​knowledge. Execute his commands face to face so that God is pleased with you because he is the guardian of the jurisprudent and has a high value in the sight of God. * 3- As much as I have money, first owe me to Mecca to follow the Tehran Corps (headquarters) and my wife will spend the rest as she wishes. * 4- Our nation is the miraculous nation of the century and I owe it to my nation to continue the path of the martyrs and seek help from God to connect this revolution to the revolution of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and in this endeavor, Nasr will certainly follow. God includes the believers. * 5- I am not satisfied with my mother and all my family and my wife if they are impatient because of me. Leave me to God and be patient and brave. Haghir Haj Hemmat