Martyr Mehdi Bakeri

Martyr Mehdi Bakeri completed his primary and secondary education in Urmia and entered the political arena during his high school years (at the same time as the martyrdom of his brother Ali Bakeri by SAVAK). Political-religious activities After graduating, although he was deeply moved by his brother’s martyrdom, he went to university and studied mechanical engineering. From the beginning of entering the University of Tabriz, he was one of the fighters of this university. He also brought his brother Hamid to this city with him. Martyr Bakri was under surveillance during his political activities (according to confidential documents obtained by the East Azerbaijan Security Organization (SAVAK). After a while, he sent Hamid abroad to communicate with other fighters to be active in sending firearms to fighters inside the country. Martyr Mehdi Bakeri escaped from the barracks during his military service, following Imam Khomeini’s declaration – while he was a duty officer in Tehran – and lived secretly, and also carried out various activities for the victory of the Islamic Revolution. After the victory of the Islamic Revolution After the victory of the Revolution and following the formation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, he became a member of this organization and played an active role in the organization and strengthening of the Urmia Corps. After that, as necessary, he became the prosecutor of the Revolutionary Court of Urmia. Simultaneously with serving in the IRGC, for 9 months as the mayor of Urmia, he left valuable services.

The marriage of Martyr Mehdi Bakeri coincided with the beginning of the imposed war. His wife’s dowry was his weapon. Two days after the marriage, he went to the front and returned to the city after two months, and according to the interests of the region, he performed valuable services for the people under the responsibility of the province’s construction jihad. During his tenure as the Commander of the Urmia Corps, Martyr Bakeri made extensive efforts to establish security and cleanse the region of the filth of the East and West affiliates and mercenaries, and despite the activities of daily shepherds in various responsibilities, after the start of the imposed war. , Saw his duty in jihad with Ba’athist infidels and aggressors to the Islamic homeland and went to the fronts. The role of Martyr Bakri in the holy defense Martyr Bakri, with his great talent and compassion, was able to be effective in achieving victories in the Fatah al-Mubin operation as the deputy of Najaf Ashraf Brigade. In this operation, one of the battalions was under siege, which he, along with a number of forces, took them out of the siege with such courage and prudence. In the same operation in the Raqabiyah area, he was wounded in the eye and participated in the Jerusalem operation (with the same title) less than a month later, witnessing the victory of the Islamic Army over the Ba’athist aggressors. In the second phase of Operation Jerusalem, he was wounded in the back, and despite his injuries, in the third phase of the operation, he went to the command post to guide the Basij brothers from behind the radio. During the Ramadan operation, as the commander of the Ashura Brigade, he fought relentlessly inside Iraq and was wounded this time as well, but with each wound, he was more determined than ever to be on the fronts and, without feeling tired, to equip, organize, He worked day and night to lead the forces and plan the operation. In the operation of Muslim Ibn Aqeel, with his command over the Ashura Division and the sacrifice of the warriors, a large part of the rosy soil of Iran, names and several strategic areas were liberated. Martyr Bakri in the preliminary Valfajr and Valfajr I, two, three and four operations as the commander of the Ashura Division, along with the zealous and devoted Basijis, showed all-round readiness and self-sacrifice in carrying out their duties and fighting the aggressors. In the Khyber operation, when his brother Hamid achieved a high degree of martyrdom, despite his special interest in him, he called his family without expressing sorrow and said: “Hamid’s martyrdom is one of the divine blessings that has included our family.” And in a letter addressed to his family, he wrote: “I will remain on the fronts, following Hamid’s will and wish, which is to open the road to Karbala, and I will continue the will and path of the martyr until Islam is victorious.” Extensive efforts on the battlefields and the sensitive conditions of the fronts prevented him from attending the funeral of the pure body of his brother and comrade, who had been by his side for many years. A brother who sacrificed his life for Mehdi in the days of danger before the revolution, in political struggles and on the fronts. The role of Martyr Bakri and the Ashura army in the heroic epic of Khyber and the capture of the insane islands and the resistance they showed in defending the powerful patrols of the enemy is not hidden from anyone. In the preparation phase of Operation Badr, although the days passed slowly, but Mahdi seriously encouraged and persuaded all the forces for a masculine and mystical battle, and as a complete and mystical guide, what the Mujahideen for the sake of God and the loved ones of martyrdom They should know and use it in the battlefield, he shared with his forces. How to testify After the martyrdom of his brother Hamid and some of his companions, the soul was not in his restless body and it was clear that he would soon join them. Fifteen days before Operation Badr, he visited the holy city of Mashhad and supplicated to Aqa Ali ibn Musa al-Reza (AS) that God grant him the success of martyrdom. Then the service of Imam Khomeini and Ayatollah Khamenei came and he cried, insisted and begged to pray for his martyrdom. Mehdi Bakeri took command of Operation Badr. Due to the sensitive conditions of the operation, he entered the most dangerous scenes of the campaign as usual, and while leading the warriors of the division in the east of the Tigris, he tried to stabilize the captured positions against the enemy patrols.

This large-scale operation was carried out with the code or Fatemeh Al-Zahra (PBUH) in the axis of Hor Al-Hawizeh on March 4, 1984 with the focus on the IRGC and the command of Martyr Bakri. Several divisions of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Revolutionary Guards, including the 21st and 28th Infantry Divisions, the 55th Airborne Brigade, the 31st Ashura Division of Azerbaijan, and the Isfahan and Khuzestan Corps participated in the operation. In the initial advance from the Majnoon Islands, the fighters managed to capture the Toraba checkpoint and capture part of the Baghdad-Basra highway. Finally, this heroic commander in Operation Badr on March 16, 1984, in a brave battle, was hit by a direct shot fired by Ba’athist mercenaries, he accepted the call of truth and met his beloved. While transporting his immaculate body through the waters of the Great Horror, the boat carrying his body was targeted by enemy RPGs and the pure drop of his being joined the sea.

Will of Martyr Mehdi Bakeri

God, how can I write a will while I am full of sin, disobedience and disobedience? Although I am not disappointed in your mercy and forgiveness, I am afraid that I will die without mercy. I am afraid that my departure will not be pure and I will not be accepted by you. O Lord of Forgiveness, God, I will not die while you are not satisfied with us. Oh, I will be black for three days. God, how lovely and adorable you are! Hihat that I did not understand. O Abu Abdullah Shafa’at! Oh, how pleasant it is for man to be ready to meet his lord, and what can I do if I am poor, God accept me. Peace be upon the Spirit of God, our Savior from the present age, the age of oppression, the age of infidelity and atheism, the age of oppression of Islam and its true followers. My dear ones, day and night, we should be thankful to God to be the true soldiers of this blessing, and we should recognize the danger of inner temptations and worldliness, and beware that sincerity of intention and sincerity in action is the only solution. O lovers of Aba Abdullah, martyrdom should be embraced, the cheeks should blush with enthusiasm and the heart should beat faster. We must understand and act on the content of the Imam’s commands in order to fulfill some of our duties in giving thanks. Wills to my mother, sisters, brothers and family: Know that Islam is the only way to our salvation and happiness, always remember God and follow God’s commands, ‌Support and follow the Imam from the bottom of your heart, زیاد Great importance to the prayers and gatherings of Aba Abdullah and Give the martyrs that the path to happiness and the baggage of the Hereafter. Always find the training of Hosseini and Zainab and consider their mission as your mission and train your children in the same way so that soldiers with faith and love of martyrdom and righteous scholars who inherit Hazrat Abul-Fazl become Muslims. I ask forgiveness from all those who are offended by me and have a right on my neck, and I hope God will forgive me for many sins. God, keep me clean.