Martyr Ali Sayad Shirazi

Ali Sayad Shirazi was born on 14 June 1323 in Dargaz, Khorasan Razavi province. He says about his family: My ancestors are from a tribe called Akht Afshar, which spread from Isthabanat and Neyriz in Fars to Sirjan, Baft and Jiroft in Kerman. My grandfather Sayad, along with his children and his livestock, set out for Khorasan and the city of Mashhad decades ago and moved to Dargaz.

After my birth and living in this city for about a year, according to my father’s job as a gendarmerie officer, I lived in Mashhad for about 2 years and spent about 15 years in Mazandaran, in the cities of Gorgan, Amol and Gonbad Kavous. I spent the sixth year of mathematics, the last year of high school in Tehran, and graduated from Amirkabir High School.

Sayad Shirazi went to the army after finishing school and at the end of this period he was hired by the former gendarmerie and was transferred to the army due to his bravery and activities. Before the Islamic Revolution, he worked in the army in cities such as Gorgan, Mashhad, Amol and Shahroud. Was.

He then went to the Army Officer College and graduated from that academy in 1346 with the rank of second lieutenant in the artillery category. He also passed the parachuting and ranger courses with the first rank and after that he continued his work as an artillery officer. Regarding his actions after obtaining the rank of officer, he says: After a year of basic training in the field of artillery, I went to the 2nd Division in Tabriz.

In 1348, Qasr Shirin was given the mission of stationing in the western borders of the country to the 2nd Division of Tabriz. As an artillery watch officer and deputy fire brigade, I spent about a year on this mission. The Tabriz Division was disbanded in 1349, and our battalion, which was the 302nd Artillery Battalion, was transferred to the Lashkari Artillery, the 81st Armored Division of Kermanshah, and I became the commander of the artillery. After being transferred and appointed to the Fire Command in the 316th Artillery Battalion, I went to Tehran to take an English language course. Then, after being accepted in the entrance exam for sending abroad in 1351, I went to the United States for a specialized artillery course called the Artillery Ballistic Meteorology course.

After passing the specialized artillery course in the United States, this famous commander taught with the rank of first lieutenant and the title of professor at the Isfahan Artillery Training Center, and in the same circumstances, he began his work to organize the revolutionary military and with some individuals and clerics with soldiers. And the revolutionary officers were in contact, exchanging views. The same political struggles of the martyr Sayyad Shirazi caused him to be arrested and imprisoned on February 10, 1979, and he was released by the revolutionaries on February 11 of that year.

Commander of operations in the west of the country and a dispute with Bani Sadr

Prior to the victory of the Islamic Revolution, this Mujahideen commander defended the country for several years in various parts of the army, especially in the west of the country, and made great efforts in organizing and operating the revolutionary forces in the army, because he had a long military background. Due to his high ability to organize, he was noticed by Imam Khomeini and the supporters of the Islamic Revolution. In 1979, he was appointed commander of operations in the west of the country. They had begun to disintegrate, he did.

Command of the last battle of Iran in the imposed war

During the eight years of holy defense, which was the peak of resistance and self-sacrifice of the people and fighters of Islamic Iran, the hypocrites joined the enemy and directly and indirectly tried to strike at the system of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the fighters of Islam. During the imposed war, they engaged in intelligence work and at other times directly with logistical support, sabotage, assassination, and even presence on battlefields. They entered the war, it was an operation called Forough Javidan, which started a week after the adoption of Resolution 598 by Iran on August 23, 1988, from Khaneqin, Khosravi, Sarpol-e Zahab, Korand, Kermanshah.

In Iran, an operation called Operation Mursad was carried out under the command of Sayad Shirazi against the hypocrites. The peak of Sayyad Shirazi’s sacrifice, command and bravery goes back to the operations of the hypocrites in Iran. This brave and resourceful commander, after being present in the area through the mobile air command and using a helicopter, identified all the axes of the hypocrites ‘attack and took the initiative from the hypocrites and stopped the movement of the hypocrites’ military column. In his memoirs about Operation Mursad, Sayad Shirazi says: “At that time, I was the representative of Imam Khomeini (as) in the Supreme Council of Defense, and at 20:30 on the 3rd of Mordad, 1967, the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces called me and said that the enemy Sarpol Zahab and Gardeneh Patagh is coming, it is moving forward and fast (at that time I was not serving in the General Staff) and I was given a mission order. At night, I arrived in Kermanshah by a Falcon plane and watched the scene of the enemy’s advance closely and realized the situation … On the morning of August 26, 1967, Operation Mursad began with Ramz or Ali (AS). There was so much hell for Saddam’s allies in the Chahar Zabar Strait that there was no time to regret it.
In Operation Mursad, which was carried out under the command of Sayyad Shirazi, about 2,000 hypocrites were killed, and about 1,500 were wounded, 1,000 were fleeing the area, and 150 were taken prisoner. More than 120 tanks, 400 personnel carriers, 240 80- and 60-mm mortars and 30 106-mm cannons were also destroyed. The spoils also obtained included hundreds of RPG-7s, artillery and mortars, dozens of tanks and personnel carriers, and 12 122-mm cannons. And some electronic and telecommunication equipment.

Finally, this committed commander was attacked by an unknown man on April 12, 1999, while leaving home in his car to go to work. According to eyewitnesses, the terrorist man was lying in ambush near his house in a sweeper’s suit and shot him as he was leaving the house. A spokesman for the hypocritical terrorist group contacted AFP in Nicosia and claimed responsibility for the crime. After his martyrdom, he was given the rank of lieutenant general by the Supreme Leader. The ruling reads as follows: Thanks to the bravery and sacrifices of the glorious Amir of the Islamic Army and the sincere and devoted soldier of religion and the Qur’an, a pious, pious, pious and brave commander The year of the holy defense of General Ali Sayad Shirazi, who was martyred by the great enemies of the criminal, bloodthirsty and black hypocrites, the rank of lieutenant colonel should be awarded to that great emir to remain as a sign of his honor and merit.

The motive of the hypocrites for the assassination of Sayad Shirazi

The most important reasons and motives for the assassination of Sayyad Shirazi by the hypocrites are as follows: The valuable role of Sayyad Shirazi in the peace, order and security of Kurdistan at the beginning of the Islamic Revolution and the failure of the plans of the hypocrites, command and efficient management of Sayyad Shirazi in defense Iran’s territorial integrity and leading important and decisive operations during the eight years of the holy defense, his role in trying to maintain the unity of the army and the IRGC, which made the armed forces efficient during the holy defense and the clever tact, tact and guidance of Martyr Sayyad in operations Observing and crushing the hypocrites.
After the martyrdom of Sayad Shirzai, the Supreme Leader said in a message: Amir Sarafraz of the Islamic Army and a sincere and devoted soldier of religion and Quran, a pious and pious soldier, General Ali Sayad Shirazi was martyred today by criminal and bloodthirsty hypocrites and Russia. Like other men of truth, from the day they set foot on the path of revolution, they always sacrificed their lives for the cause of God. The hot lands of Khuzestan and the highlands of Kurdistan have witnessed the preparation and sacrifice of this pure man for many years and he has been determined and brave.

Will of Martyr Ali Sayad Shirazi

In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful, the Merciful, the Lord of the worlds and the Prayers of God Ali Muhammad and the Purity of God, God and I shall return. This is what God and His Messenger promised us, and God and His Messenger have believed. Oh God, increase our faith and have mercy on us. I bear witness that there is no God, God alone has no partner, and that Muhammad is his servant and his Messenger, he sent him with guidance and religion, the truth, that the friend, the pure Fatima, Zahra, is his master, the people of the worlds, and that Ali is the Commander of the Faithful, Hassan, Hussein, Ali ‌ Al-Hussein, Muhammad Ali و, Ja`far Ibn Muhammed Bin Muhammad, Muhammad Ali, Ja`far Ibn Muhammed Bin Muhammed و ‌ ف ‌ Ali Afar Muhammed Muhammad n Al-Hasan Bin Ali and Al-Hajjah Al-Qaem The expected prayers God and his peace be upon them my imams, gentlemen, and loyalists with them. O God, bring us into your paradise with your mercy and spare us and protect us from your suffering through your kindness and your kindness, O kind to His servants, O Most Merciful.

Daunda! Where to hustle like a heart, raa malamal, as in love with him, you saw, embraced Islam, was organized, and was appointed by a daddy decision. Gifts! To Khod Medani, like Hamwara, Amadah, Boudhavam, Anagh, Ka, To, Khud, with it from Dadi. Aver where we would like, that is my last to pod.

Gordvara! Refn Dest To Assist; From Nimegdanam the location of Khawahim, Wali Midānam ki bayd, reverted to them, passing passengers in front of the time of an immediate decision.

Az Gadr and Madram ki Haq Bazji Barardam Darand, Mikhkhahm Ke Mara Bakhshanad; From Nez Hamwara Brychan called Kardaham ke punished by the best of Shunde. Az Hamsar Grami, Fadakar, Farzandanum, Mikhkhhem, like Mara, Bakhshanad, as a meter, Tusham, with it.

If you have the right to choose Hamsaram, the decision by Berd. Az Hameh Anhai Ke Az from Bed Dedhvand, M‌khهمm ka Mar Bh Bگruj Khodshan Bakhshanad, and in the end Az Mardan is sincere Khudam with Wah Haji Aqa Amir Rangbar Nikdal, Dharam Dur Ghayb summoned those with arithmetic and book matters from Parsund and Ba Pradran Dejvun Jannab Sarhanگ Haj Aqa Calendula and Timsar Haji Aqa Arasa Der Ain Bab, partnering the efforts of Namind.

Daunda! I have the authority of Hazrat Aitullah Khameneh-e-ra Ta the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (PBUH) Zinda, Bayandh and Mowafak Badar. Amin, O Lord of the Worlds