Iran ranks 4th in nanotechnology articles

Iran managed to maintain its fourth position in the list of countries with the most scientific publications in the field of nanotechnology. In 2018, more than 166,000 nanotechnology articles are indexed on the Web of Science database, which accounts for 9.7% of the total articles indexed on this database. China, the United States, India, Iran and South Korea, with 74% of the published articles, are ranked first to fifth in the top countries.

According to the latest reports published by StatNano Statistics and Information Database, by subject, the disciplines of chemistry, materials, physics and engineering sciences have the highest share of nano articles in 2018, respectively. Also, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Islamic Azad University of Iran, the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Chinese University of Xinhua had the highest number of nano-articles in 2018.

It is worth mentioning that the number of articles published this year shows a growth of 7% compared to the previous year. In recent years, the share of nano-articles in the total scientific publications has had a completely upward trend, and except for 2015, when we see a relative decrease in this area, in other years, the growth of nano-articles has been noticeable and in 2018, the most. Has reached itself.

According to Estano, in 2018, Iran has succeeded in publishing 9662 articles in the field of nanotechnology, which has a share of 5.81% in the total published nano articles.