Introducing The Country's Jihadi Management Association

The jihadist management that I mentioned last year and I emphasized that this is not related to this year. Is related to always; We need jihadi management in the first years of the revolution, during the war and during these thirty years, wherever we relied on jihadi management, we succeeded. Relying on divine power, trusting in God Almighty, do the work with prudence and rationality but with firm determination, without hesitation and without fear of aspects; This is jihadi management.


Following the orders of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution “Modzaleh Al-Aali” in 2016 regarding the use of jihadi management in all managerial affairs of the country, “National Management Association” as a national organization with the aim of helping to implement His Holiness’s menus in jihadi management, training and education of managers The development of jihadi culture was formed among the managers of the country’s servants and the convergence and synergy of private and governmental institutions and organizations.

Jihadi management refers to a management that on the one hand deals with the science and knowledge of the human day and on the other hand is closely related to the concept of jihad and its revolutionary meaning and value. This type of management can be considered and emphasized as the most logical and efficient management model for achieving the ideals and goals of the revolution and the Islamic system.

About The Forum

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution has repeatedly emphasized the need for indigenous-Iranian management in his speeches. The best type of indigenous-Iranian management is jihadi management, which has always been emphasized by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution. Although jihadi management is not a new term in our revolutionary literature, it is, in fairness, a management that we have encountered many times only during the time of the Holy Defense. Jihadi management is the style of Iranian leadership that with the leadership of Imam Khomeini was able to save the country from the abyss of war to which the global arrogance of Iran had headed, and has shown its efficiency well. He has made up for his mistake in eight years of sacred defense. Perhaps the use of the word jihad refers to an important fact that today another kind of war has been imposed on this revolution and the country and the people, which must be dealt with like a holy defense by a jihadist administration.Today, 

human resources is one of the most important and valuable resources of any organization and company, including the organization in question. The success or failure of the organization depends on having responsible, honest, vigilant, jihadist and committed forces. In addition, if the appointment of these people to suitable jobs is based on merit and the provision and rational integration of their interests and the organization is based on evaluating the correct and effective performance based on jihadist actions, it will cause the organization to achieve its goals quickly. Since jihadi managers are responsible for guiding, leading and motivating employees in all activities of the organization, so in this study, according to the history and performance of jihadi management after the Islamic Revolution and its introduction today by the official Supreme Leader, the question is what is the role and components of jihadi management components in increasing the effectiveness of employee performance in domestic organizations and companies, and in particular, the organization in question in advancing their goals?

Theoretical Foundations: Jihadi management is a combination of the words “management and jihad”; The former observes the practice and the latter expresses a religious value, so the realization of jihadi management requires the strengthening of the two systems together. A bi-system that oversees practice and values. Also, according to the definitions that are specifically given to the two words “management” and “jihad”, it can be said that jihadi management means: the science and art of leadership and control of collective activities, based not only on struggle in the military, but in all scientific fields. Political, economic, cultural, etc. to achieve the strategic and macro goals of a structure and remove the obstacles that exist in achieving it

Jihadi management means a set of actions that selfless and God-believing managers use human resources (intellectual and spiritual) and material resources (software and hardware) to advance and excel the organization.

Hence, jihadi management is a sincere movement in the way of God, which is based on spirituality and moral and Islamic values. A management that can be said to have kept the country high and strong during the holy defense and under the leadership of Imam Khomeini; But even today, according to the order of the Supreme Leader, it needs to flourish and is felt as a key necessity of the country.

The National Jihadi Management Association, with the title of Economy and Culture with National Determination and Jihadi Management, caused the National Conference of Jihadi Management to be held in order to advance the orders of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution and also to strengthen and promote jihadi management among the country’s managers and officials. Establish a permanent secretariat of the conference and then establish the country’s Jihadi Management Association. It is hoped that with the care and trust of God Almighty and under the attention of the Imam of the Age (pbuh) we can benefit from all the power of the country in this regard.

Some of the goals that the Jihadi Management Association of the country seeks to achieve are as follows:

1- Strengthening and promoting jihadi culture among the country’s leaders

2- Trying to create empathy and convergence of the country’s managers in the direction of national interests

3- Efforts for synergy of the country’s forces in order to achieve a resistance economy

4- Strengthening and promoting the culture of protecting the resources and interests of the country among managers

5- Efforts to cooperate with the government to develop a management system and administrative transformation system in the country

How to implement the goals:

1- Presenting practical strategies to the country’s forces regarding the achievement of vision goals

2- Creating a quarterly journal of jihadi managers with the aim of introducing exemplary managers and related collections

3- Identifying the characteristics of a jihadi manager with the help of professors and scholars based on the orders of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution and creating a mechanism for evaluating managers in various organizations

4- Holding a national conference on jihadi management annually and awarding the jihadi director badge

5- Holding the annual exhibition of the country’s jihadi achievements

6- Creating a specialized working group with the presence of public and private managers

7- Creating a mechanism to organize jihadi groups and promote its culture among the country’s leaders

8- Holding training courses entitled Jihadi manager training for managers in various organizations