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Revolutionary achievements

Forty years Of Revolution And The Second Big Step​

The product of forty years of effort is now before our eyes: an independent and free country and nation, free, powerful, dignified, religious, advanced in science, full of precious experiences, confident and hopeful, influential in the region and with a strong logic in world affairs, record Accelerates in scientific progress, holds the record for achieving high rankings in important sciences and technologies such as nuclei and stem cells, nanotechnology, aerospace and the like, excels in expanding social services, excels in jihadist motivations among young people, excels in population Efficient youth, and many other glorious qualities, all of which are the product of revolution and the result of revolutionary and jihadist orientations. And know that if it were not for ignoring the slogans of the revolution and neglecting the revolutionary current at some point in the forty years of history – which was sad and damaging – the achievements of the revolution would have been much greater and the country far ahead of its great aspirations. There were no current problems.

The leaders of the domination system are worried; Their suggestions generally include deception and lies. The government of the Islamic Republic must carefully maintain its borders with them; Not to take a step back from its revolutionary and national values; Do not be afraid of their absurd threats; And in any case, he should consider the dignity of his country and nation and solve his solvable problems with them wisely and expediently and, of course, from a revolutionary position. In the case of the United States, no problem is conceivable, and negotiating with it will result in nothing but material and moral damage.

Seyyed Ali Khamenei

Significant Martyrs
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