Home Appliances

The home appliance industry is one of the fields accelerating industrial development. A diverse industry with a variety of applications that is widely used in the administrative and commercial sectors in addition to the widespread use of the home and meeting the essential and unavoidable needs of families, and has a very large market share. An industry that creates added value for the steel, petrochemical, copper, etc. industries. According to these characteristics, creating a favorable business environment for the excellence and development of this industry – creating suitable conditions for investment and development of industrial units – reviewing laws and regulations related to production, tariffs, monetary issues and exports, etc. Development Industrial culture – Strengthening research and development departments and upgrading the level of management in this sector – Development and use of advanced technology and technology absorption – Production of competitive products competitive with foreign products – Export development and … they are counted as.


  • Strengthen the spirit of organization and the use of collective wisdom
    Increase the efficiency of production processes
  • Optimizing energy consumption and increasing efficiency and effectiveness in the home appliance industry
  • Development of home appliance market at home and abroad using national and international standards and technical knowledge
  • Development and deepening of the link between science and industry in industrial units
  • Promoting and developing knowledge-based management in the home appliance industry
  • Creating suitable and desirable fields and facilities for the production of competitive products
  • Identify and examine the basic problems and strengths and weaknesses of this industry in order to comprehensive planning for the development and growth of quantitative and qualitative home appliances