Exhibition of achievements and jihadi capabilities of the country

Introduction of the exhibition:

With the victory of the Islamic Revolution and the establishment of the Islamic Republic in Iran from the very first years of victory with the formation of the constructive jihad movement from the heart of the Islamic Revolution; A different kind of management with new features and functions has entered the world that is unique or rare in the world.

This type of management grew during the years of the Holy Defense and evolved significantly in the following years.

Management derived from the divine ideas of Imam Khomeini (RA) by the timely action of the revolutionary youth at different times, which caused the Islamic system to overcome many problems and obstacles ahead and the reasons for the crystallization of Imam Khomeini (AS) ideas in the fields Various provides well and still does.

A management based on commitment and spirituality, non-profit but with economic and thrifty considerations, with popular support and with deep divine beliefs, away from the usual welfare and well-being and having the concerns of the people with special attention to establishing social and economic justice. It has cumbersome rules and also has high agility and speed of action in all fields, which in most cases has been associated with significant success and is still being implemented and developed.

A management that now conforms to the guidelines of the Supreme Leader and according to his menus, which say: Management train on the smooth track to gain God’s approval, people’s welfare, the interests of the Islamic Revolution, duty-oriented, morally oriented rationality, self-sacrifice and sincerity, national trust, power and commitment Individual, divine intention, devotional view of work, comprehensiveness and the spirit of fighting poverty, corruption and love for the deprived must be on the move to reach the health station …. Now we all know these menus well as jihadi management.

With this introduction and definition, the exhibition of the achievements and capabilities of jihadi management is an opportunity, with the aim of introducing and promoting the culture of resistance with a look at the past and hope for a bright future as one of the necessities of the Islamic Revolution to show different levels of functional shortcomings against other forms of management. The purpose of non-jihadi managers is to learn lessons and provide an opportunity to show the authority of the system in overcoming the barrier of past and future problems in various fields and arenas, relying on jihadi management during all these years, an exhibition that can stand the youth of this land. Against the onslaught of enemies while injecting the spirit of hope in the body of society and helping to preserve the lofty ideals of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in front of visitors and in the protection of national history and civilization, protect the blood of martyrs and strengthen the foundations of our religious system The results of history, to be successful.

This exhibition is an opportunity to emphasize the views of the wise leader of the revolution on the implementation of jihadi management as the main strategy of the resistance economy based on rational reasoning and a deep look at the past of the revolution and its aftermath and the roadmap for dealing with various threats in passing all tests. Successful and effective models to offer individual and collective capacities and gaining global prestige in public opinion by gaining the capabilities of an effective management to the general public and compare objectively.

General objectives of the exhibition

Exhibition of achievements and jihadi capabilities of the country from the beginning with the following goals:
  • Introducing potential and actual capacities in the country in the field of jihadi management of the country
  • Creating appropriate platforms to encourage individuals or investing units to invest and make good use of existing capacities and creating employment and entrepreneurship in the field of exhibition topics
  • Creating a healthy competitive environment among domestic producers in order to improve the quality of production
    • Familiarity of stakeholders with products, innovations and capacities in the country and efforts to achieve global standards
    • Establish a direct and face-to-face relationship between producers and consumers in order to better understand the needs of the consumer market
    • Identify the top units in the field of jihadi management related to the subject of the exhibition
Organizer: Jihadi Management Association of the country
The National Jihadi Management Association, naming the year 1393 as “Economy and Culture with National Determination and Jihadi Management”, caused a national management conference to be held in order to advance the orders of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution and also to strengthen and promote jihadi management among managers and officials. Jihadi, establish a permanent secretariat of the conference and then establish the Jihadi Management Association of the country. It is hoped that with the care and trust in God Almighty and under the attention of the Imam of the Age (pbuh) we can benefit from all the power of the country in this regard.

Goods and services can be provided in the exhibition sections

  • Food industry, agriculture, livestock and poultry, fisheries
  • Industry
  • Home Appliances
  • Textile, leather and clothing industries
  • Handicrafts and tourism
  • Chemical, cellulose and health products
  • building industry
  • Technical and engineering services
  • Mining Group
  • Oil, gas and petrochemical group
  • Service group
  • Knowledge-based companies and startups
  • medical equipments

Participation costs

Place Booth type Minimum area of assignment Rental of booth price per square meter
Indoor Booth made with conventional equipment 24 square meters 3/000/000
Indoor Space without booth (land only) 36 square meters 2/500/000

The booth is equipped with equipment including: paneling around, front of the booth, one electrical outlet, low consumption lighting, 1 table and 2 chairs per 24 square meters of the booth.

Important dates


Deadline for registration1400/02/01
Deadline for completing and submitting the information form for inserting the official book of the exhibition1400/02/01
Deadline for completing and submitting the ID card application form1400/02/01
Deadline for completing and submitting the application form for issuing a parking card1400/02/01
Deadline for completing and submitting the booth door form form1400/02/01
Delivery of land to build a booth without equipment (10 am)1400/02/31
Booth delivery for layout1400/03/02
Deadline for completing the booth (until 8 pm)1400/03/02
Exhibition opening (11 am)1400/03/03
Closing of the exhibition (7 pm)1400/03/06
Deadline for emptying the booth (until 12 noon)1400/03/08