Ceremony Of 22 Bahman 99

Ceremony Of 22 Bahman 99
The celebration of 22 Bahman 99 officially started at 10:00 AM on Wednesday on special routes that were planned for motorcycles, bicycles and cars.
The official commemoration of the 42nd anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution began when, an hour earlier, reporters from different walks of life reported on the designated routes to attend the march. The ceremony began in the center of Tehran with the presence of hundreds of motorcyclists.
The 22nd of Bahman this year has been named after Martyr Haj Qasem Soleimani.
This year’s march was held due to the Kuwait 19 epidemic with multiple vehicles. Demonstrators took to the streets wearing masks and gloves.
Dozens of skaters and cyclists were seen alongside the motorcyclists. Young skiers and cyclists who have decorated their vehicles with the Iranian flag and photos of the martyrs.
Security forces, firefighters, Tehran emergency services, traffic police, and the Islamic Republic of Iran’s police force were present at the most important points of the march to prevent any problems from occurring.
This year, on the way to Azadi Square, student anthem groups performed.
Several choirs consisting of youths and teenagers in uniform dressed from the city theater to Azadi Square, reciting poems about the Islamic Revolution of Iran, the Fajr decade, and the repression of the imperial government.
Demonstration of military equipment and military and defense capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran, including the demonstration of the 3rd of Khordad system in Azadi Square, has been on the sidelines of today’s ceremony.
On one side of Azadi Square, we witnessed the symbolic presence of cars whose occupants waved Iranian flags announcing their presence from the car window.
Also, on the other side of Azadi Square, we see motorcyclists carrying the Iranian flag on Azadi Street, moving towards Azadi Square.
The presence of young cyclists and teenagers was another difference between this year’s Bahman 22 march and other years, which was held in a situation where the organizers of the ceremony had a special emphasis on observing health protocols.
Despite the announcement of a motorbike and a car march, a number of citizens marched on foot to Azadi Square. People were holding pictures of martyrs such as Martyr Hajji in masks and observing social distance in Revolution Square.
Either there were parents who had a picture of Martyr Soleimani pasted on their chests, or teenagers who had a picture of Martyr Fakhrizadeh in their hands.
Hours after the march, the flags of the United States and Israel were set on fire in front of the University of Tehran.
The presence of journalists, photographers and cameramen of the Radio and Television of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the official news agencies of the country was clearly visible. While interviewing the marchers, the members of the media recorded works from the small and large events of the Bahman 22 march in order to bring the presence of the people and the Bahman 22 march to the attention of the people of Iran and the world.
Some take selfies with the children they bring with them, despite the masks on their faces, from the excitement in the street to remind them that they loved Iran even in such circumstances.
The distribution of free masks among the participants of the Bahman 22 march by the Basij Organization for the Underprivileged of Tehran Municipality has been one of the attractions of this year’s ceremony. However, unfortunately, some of them neglected to follow the protocols.
The dramatic movements of the paratroopers spinning over Freedom Square were also spectacular.
Mayesh pages of Bahman 57 newspapers in Hor Square are reminiscent of revolutionary days for the elderly and an experience for the younger ones.
Demonstrators marching in Revolution Square chanted “Death to America, Death to Britain, Death to hypocrites and Death to Israel.”
The presence of the Red Crescent Society forces on the sidelines of the Bahman 22 march in Enghelab Square also attracted attention.
At the end of the car and motor march on the 22nd of Bahman and the beginning of the president’s speech on the radio and television, the text of the national resolution of this march was read in 9 paragraphs.
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