Sending living beings, the peak of Iran's authority in space technology

The pioneer probe is the seventh Iranian research probe to send a three-year-old female rhesus monkey to a submarine mission on a 16-minute journey from the Semnan space base using a modified earthquake rocket such as probe 4 at 12:37 pm on February 30, 2013. Iranian space monkeys are a species of Macaca mulatta that are found in most parts of the world, especially in Africa and Southeast Asia. Twenty-two different species of macaques have been identified so far, the most famous of which is the Rhesus Macaque. This species is commonly used in biological and cognitive behavioral experiments.

During this mission, the country’s space scientists were able to record and control the environmental signs inside the bio-cargo, including sound, image, gas composition and vital signs of living beings such as ECG and indicators that determine the general condition during sub-orbital flight and at ground stations. See them moment by moment. This valuable information received gives our country’s experts the opportunity to provide research in the field of space technology in various fields, including space, physiology, aerospace and medical engineering.