Achievements of the Islamic Revolution in the field of "Information and Communication Technology"

Some of the achievements of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in the field of information and communication technology are:

40% of Iranian knowledge-based companies belong to the field of information technology.
We are unique in the field of manufacturing advanced audio and video equipment in the region.
Iran is one of the few countries producing and receiving digital radio and television transmitters.
All fiber optic equipment and technologies and related switches are produced in-house.
The country’s digital TV chain has been completely localized.
Satellite communication equipment on the ground is made entirely by in-house specialists.
Digital microwave radio links are made entirely by local companies.
Digital content management software is one of the most important pillars of video streaming in the context of broadband networks. These softwares have many technical complexities that their manufacturing technology is available only to a few developed countries of the world and Islamic Iran.
70% of people use high speed internet
Today, we have some nomadic areas that do not have telephone lines, but have mobile phone coverage and high-speed internet through solar cells, and the penetration rate of the Internet has reached 70% today.
After the revolution, 51,000 scientific articles in the field of information and communication technology have been produced, and in scientific olympiads in these fields, Iranian students and elites gain appropriate ranks and positions, which shows the training of the elite force in the country.
We are self-sufficient in the production of some indigenous equipment in the field of ICT, and we are also excellent in the production of software, games, antivirus, and so on.
Iran’s 20 global growth in the field of e-government
Today, Iran is a manufacturer of switches, modems and routers.
In the field of e-government, in recent seals, we have seen a growth of 20 steps, from 106th in the world to 86th.
Activities of 4,000 knowledge-based companies and 4,500 startups in Iran
There are about 4,000 knowledge-based companies in the country, of which 1391 are related to the field of information and communication technology.